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Not good news advice welcome


Hi although new to site i have posted on here a few times always receiving helpful advice, however today my husband and i seen the hepatologist and radiologist re my hubands hcc. They both said that hcc less than 12mm they will monitor as too risky for ablation due to ascites and cirrhosis in liver they said dont think liver will improve however something i cant understand my husband isnt jaundiced portal vein patented and grade 1 varices he has never had any bleeds the hepatologist said didnt think liver would improve so they could only manage symptoms and keep him comfortable ie drain ascites etc any advice welcome came out shocked and perplexed as to what to do next. Before and after drain he has he has been told that his lft are stable ? Thanks karen xx

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I am very sorry. My tumor is 7 cm. its encapsulated. If they cannot shrink it with Ablation then I have no chance for transplant. I too will only be offered palliative care. My eyes are perfectly white. My varcies, only 2 were banded and have been stable for awhile. I have ascites once every year and a half. Only once have I been drained. I would ask if its the size of the tumor that is causing them to pretty much quit his treatment. I would want to understand why. Good luck to you.

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Thank you catfish i havent been on this site long but have seen your posts you are truly inspirational and thank you karen xxxxx💟

I am so sorry to read this, my husband passed away in March and I wish I had been given more than the 4 days I had with him. I've posted before about alkali drinks etc, please try him on an alkali diet - I have friends shedding cancer cells who are on this and I myself drink lemon juice and hot water daily, I find the aches disappeared and my foot pain (diabetes) also disappeared very quickly. There is a lot of info on the Internet but basically its nothing cooked above 100 deg C and principally veggie diet. Bless you both, xxx


Hi all,

Regarding the above reply, There are some special considerations that people with liver disease may need to make in their diet to stay nutritionally well and to help to manage their condition. Some of these are specific to certain liver diseases, others relate to how advanced the liver disease is.

It would be advisable to obtain specialist dietary advice from your liver specialist in the first instance.

Best Wishes,


Trust1 youre absolutely right, i wasnt suggesting doing this without advice - a veggie diet may not be enough protein for sure! Hopefully anyone on here is well plugged inyo medics so can get some easy advice. There are specialists who advice on alkali diets too - google is a great friend but isnt a doctor!

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Thanks geffy for your advice much appreciated xx

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The doctors won't care about a curing/healing diet, they only assist with actual medical treatment, they even give pork pies and sugary biscuits on the ward, go to your doctor for treatment and pills but not for diet advice,

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As a lot of people have diabetic and liver issues mixed in , sometimes good to allow lean pieces of chicken and turkey also fish mixed with a typical veggy meal plan, no added sugar, salt ,dairy, or bad fats , it is doable and has remarkable proven results in around 6 weeks plus

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