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Liver disease-blackening of foot

Hi I'm looking for a little advice my father in law has severe liver disease and is currently in hospital being treated for peritonitis which he got from the fluid in his ascites being infected. Whilst in hospital he started with a rash on his foot which they believe it was burst vessels but now his foot is turning black and very soar. Has anyone ever come across anything similar that could offer any advice. Due to it being Sunday we have been waiting for a dr for hours and I am wanting to relay information back to my mother in law to help ease her mind and give her answers

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Just curious..have they checked his sugar levels? It may seem like a long shot, but my friend developed diabetes after her tx. Turns out that does happen in post tx.

I get rashes all the time, before and after my tx. I use a prescribed lotion. That helps a lot. I had ascites pre and post tx also.

Cheering you on!



Black foot - on standing or lying down - circulation problem- or skin - needs urgent attention - if he gets a rash that you can visibly see grow it is an infection - get a doctor asap do not delay

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That doesnt spund right at all..

Think if yoi get no joy soon take him to a and e.good luck.cazer



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I have hepatitis B for 41 years, now, even though I didn't know. It was diagnosed by chance 2 years ago.

About 12 years ago, I used to get a rash, from my foot to my knee. It would start as a red rash then the redness would increase. Leg would throb with pain and swell up. Eventually it was diagnosed as cuteaneus Vasculits . The little blood vessels in the skin break then bleed into the skin. Eventually the redness goes purple, like a bruise then disappears.

Unfortunately it can get worse, I've seen pictures on line where it looks red and black.

Because my condition wasn't too bad, I was given a cream to put on which contained steroid and antibiotic.

This was my experience.

I hope your father-in-law's condition is under control, now.

All the best to you and your family.

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I presumed he was still in hospital.

If he isn't, get to hospital as soon as possible.


Hello there, good thoughts from fellow posters maybe he has circulation problems or undiscovered diabetes. I hope as it,s now Monday the situation has been resolved. If it turns out to be diabetes just a thought but it runs in my family and foot care is very important especially in older people. A chiropodist is often a good idea as some people struggle to feel their feet ( Numb ) or realise if they have nicked themselves trying to cut nails ect. Both my grandmother and great grandmother lost their legs and it began with black feet. Anyway, I hope by now you have the answer. Good luck. let us know. anne.


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