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Sunglasses post transplant

Has anybody been advised to wear sunglasses following transplant ? I am just getting my new prescription for my usual glasses but chose photochromic as I believe immunosuppression makes the eyes vulnerable to various eye conditions. I'm hoping to get extra funds for the increased cost of the prescription.

Any comments or experience to share ?


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Haven't heard of that. Although since transplant my eyes have deteriorated.


Hi Jim, we're were told our daughter had to wear sunglasses post transplant, though there was no extra financial assistance for it.

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I was at Moorefields eye hospital today and I spoke to the optometrist who told me that you are entitled to a extra voucher for prescription glasses having photochromic lenses - to the value of a whole 8 pounds !!!


Hi my wife was told to stay out of the sun as post transplant you have a higher chance of cancers


I have never heard of or been told to wear sunglasses. I have been told to avoid the sun as you are more vulnerable to skin cancer. All I do is have regular check ups for everything else. Not just the eyes but for everything else such as dentist etc. Anything where infections can be got. Liver transplanted just have a weaker immune system. Also not go near people with infections / colds. The first 2 years I also had to be careful with "soil" and pet animals. All the best for you. xx


My husband was told to get sunglasses too. Also to stay out of the sun and wear a hat. Suncream is available on prescription if you have had a transplant because you are very vulnerable to skin cancer. My hubby uses P20 suncream. He hates it but you only put it on once and it is waterproof. Lasts 10 hours and works fantastically. He is usually the only non tanned person on the plane.


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