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I recently had a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis which they didn't find any so back to square one with that one. After checking my discharge notes a few days after it stated they had done a biopsy of the liver, they didn't tell me this or if they did I was still suffering the effects of the anesthetic. Just worried as to what will come back. No one seems to be communicating with me. How long do results take to come back etc .

Anyway thank you for reading any advice greatly received x 🤕

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Do you have an external incision from the liver biopsy needle, or did they do it internally using the laparascope as far as you know? I would guess they 'saw' something on the laparascope camera and made an instant decision to biopsy it, whatever 'it' was. My guess is that if its anything sinister you will hear very quickly, and if its not you will find out when you get your follow up outpatients appointment to discuss the results of the laparoscopy with whoever requested it.


Normally, after my biopsies they have certain results right away, such as pressure readings, and if they can see a tightening of the major veins. (If that's what they are interested in).

I agree with Bolly, it sounds like they saw something during your other proceedure, or maybe it was even planned ahead of time to take a sample or two.

I am always awake for mine and they use a local for pain where they insert the needle. When then they take an actual sample they tell you it sounds like a clicking noise near your ear. Lol. It's more like a 'Bang' a loud shot. That's if they go in through your neck. I'm not sure what happens when they go in through the side of your tummy. It can take 5/7 days. It depends on the hospital.

Best of luck. Hoping it all goes well for you!


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