Cirrhosis with Hyperlipidemia

Hi everyone. Diagnosed with cirrhosis in Jan 2016 ,alcohol related. stopped alcohol since may2016, feeling fatigue though it improved significantly after alcohol cessation. How ever my Hb is 11.2 ,Platelet 99.and bili 75 mmol. AST and ALT came normal. The Bp stays around 106/68mmhg. I am on low salt and low fat diet but my cholesterol is very high 8.9 and ldl is 6. am very worried about the cholesterol. I am afraid to start statins.

Please advice. Thank You

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  • My cirrhosis is from drinking and Hep C. Its very advanced. Your platelet count is a bit low, mine can become 18 so I am not trying to scare you. It sounds as you are rather ill from Cirrhosis but you can work with that. I do it and mine turned into liver cancer 2 years ago. Start walking or some form of exercise. Push yourself a bit for the best result. It will give you energy, circulate blood and oxygen and umprove your mood and mental clairty. I am 64. I really do try hard. Its not easy but you can improve your situation. Lots of luck.

  • I am 36 and my platelets were 250 in jan when i initially had fever and admitted , it dropped since then. Can cirrhosis cause such rapid fall? I am wondering if I am recovering from alcoholic hepatitis. all blood parameters are improving except platelets and Bilirubin and most of bilirubin is indirect.

  • Sounds possible. The liver always tries to heal itself. It is an amazing organ. Yours may be healing slowly. I am decompensated. Its end stage and even it can last many years depending on how well you take care of yourself. Happy to share information. Aloha

  • i was the same ,its diet exersize and determinatin that works ,also the right balance wirh herbs and remerdys ,i proved doctors wrong ,and now am fir ,and feel 30 again ,

  • Hopefully it heals. Are you on transplant list? Hope everything goes fine with you. Thanks for the info.

  • no i dont need a transplant now im 98 per cent fit and so could you be mike

  • i have had cirrhosis 4 mounths , i was 1,406 gt 1,360 ,on alt ,the doctor said i would need a trasplant ,i toop many diferent ,hearbs spices lots of reserch ,i now am down to 81 gt ,through blood sweat and tears ,and 45 atl ,the to other test im on par ,it cost a bit of money ,like you i was a drinker ,dizzy light headed tierd ,and i came around ,i would need a 2 page letter to tell you how i done it ,the doctor was more suprised tham me ,but it worked and sure it can work for others ,if you put in the effort ,i was scarred and thought my life was over now im fitter than i have been since i was 30 ,mike

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