At my wits end !

Food !!!! I need help to get my husband to eat , He has lost another stone this month that's just over 4 stone since April and he is in gastro ward again he is very weak and has no muscle tone but they don't seem conserved with his lack of food intake when I try push him to eat he just turns his back to me it's breaking my heart after 37 year of marriage I am at my wits end !

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  • The hospital seem more concerned with fluid intake but are they not trying him with the special energy & protein drinks such as fortijuice ? Terry has 3 per day whether he's eating or not .xx

  • Fortisip or Ensure will give him the vitamins/minerals etc he needs, though not quite all the calories. These are liquid, either a milky type or a fruit juice type, and can be prescribed on the NHS.

  • Hi, and a really warm welcome to the group. What you are both going through is absolutely awful as many of us here can testify to (myself and my wife included). There are a lot who use his site who can give great advice and support.

    To try and answer your question, I assume that your poor husband is suffering from liver disease so I can only relay my own history in the hope that it helps. My cirrhosis was caused by a genetic condition, diagnosed may 2015 after a major bleed. Suddenly I lost weight and muscle loss, I was very poorly. My wife told me I needed to eat but I mistakenly thought she was just nagging, then my consultant scared me saying that I wouldn't even be considered for transplant if I didn't eat more and excersize. He was so close to putting me on a feed drip, but instead prescribed me protein drinks (3 daily) and I bought an excersise bike.

    Eventually I was still extremely poorly but fit enough for a transplant which I had in January.

    I don't know if that's been of any help to you. Can you give us any more details on his condition so we can help you better? You're not alone here.

    Mike x

  • Thank you Mike yes Peter has liver cirrhosis he also has trapped a nerve they think in his neck , so in a lot of pain and finally today they have done an M RI scan result on Monday , also agreed that he needs to see dietition I have suggested drip feed the one that has a tube down the nose to stomach and finally today they have provided nutrition drinks I hope he will drink them , he has been drained 6 weeks ago 12 and 1/2 litres don't know if that's a lot or not seemed to be a hell of a lot time , wanting to drain again says it will stop pressure in internal organs and stop him vomiting , I'm partially disabled and feel guilty at not being able to have him home until he is mobile again but he won't be mobile if he don't eat , he can't seem to ended stand the urgency all I see is him slipping away from me x

  • Oh and Peter has had endoscopy with 6 large

    Veins banded a month ago !

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