How easy is it to change GP's ?

Hi. Does anyone else have NO FAITH whatsoever in their doctor ? I ordered Terrys' sick note on Monday 20th. I then ordered some of his meds Tuesday 21st ( to be delivered today 24th from the chemist). I don't drive & it's difficult leaving Terry but I went to pick up the sick note this morning. What a surprise.....nothing there. While I was stood at reception ( keeping as calm as possible) a lady came from backstage & said (& I quote) oh, nice to put a face to a name.. Do I look like a man named Terence ?? We have a query with one of the meds & sorry but his GP is not on duty today. I was B****Y livid.!! I said sorry but his "GP" has never even met Terry so why hasn't another doctor sorted this. ? Even though the query was only on one med the other two I had ordered had been withheld. I did eventually get everything sorted through the duty doctor but I'm fed up now of fighting with the practice to get what he needs. Would it be very difficult to swap surgeries ? I know they run on budgets & would probably not want a patient so ill & expensive to care for.

Any advice greatly appreciated.xx


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  • you just request a new doctor, its simple. I did it after giving a doc years then decided I just could not work with her any longer and I just simply asked if it was possible to change doctors, I knew what doctor I wanted and I was immediately assigned to him but I am very ill now and there is not much they can do for me but oddly enough I still keep living very much like a normal person. Most do not think I am ill, they think I am stronger than they are and they have no disease. I guess that luck with end one day but for now I am quite able to still care for myself most of the time. But only a transplant will keep me alive and I do not want a transplant which yes is very unusual but I am 64 almost 65 and as I said, my life is still very good even with a huge encapsulated cancerous tumor for two full years now. I am still swimming and cycling. I encourage you to speak up, its your right. just do it kindly and t hey will listen to you but if they hear authority, displeasure or resistance they just cannot hear us. Good luck.

  • Change straight away. You need the GP to be really on top of things especially when he gets his transplant. Go on the NHS website it will say what GP practices are in your area and just go in to register. Make sure before you do that you get at least a month's worth of his meds. Have a chat with your local pharmacy a good one should be able to help you sort out his meds. I work in a pharmacy and there are loads of options available. A good one will help you sort things out with the surgery if needs be. Good luck. Its stress you don't need at the moment.

    I just tell my GP what I want took a while but she's well trained now. Lol. Remember that you know a hell of a lot more then they do as you know him. Make sure you let the consultant and transplant centre (i think it would be best to ask the transplant hospital just in case before you do change) know if you change GPS. Take in all the info you have, I have all of Tom's in a folder everything that's been written done etc.

    Bad GPs really annoy me.

    Let me know how you get on and remember you hold the power.


  • Thanks . Really good advice.xx

  • Hi find a new doctor go there tell them you want to move to them, they will give you a form to fill out quite easy to do give it back to them they contact your doctor get all of your notes sent over, sorted and done

    Quite easy to do but I will say I think most doctors are now the same as the one you are now with some are still good but hard to find

    I do not know what you can do about the sick note, but there are pharmacies that will deliver your meds to save you having to go get them

  • That was the plan with the chemist. The problem was the gp hadn't done the prescription. xx

  • Hi the doctor should send the script straight to the chemist, they do it electronically now

  • That's what I thought but the prescription was there at the desk 3 days after being signed.

  • That is the problem when the receptionist does not care about anything.

    I am quite lucky my chemist chases up the doctor if the script is not there

  • Speak with neighbours to ask what they think about their GP practice. As recommended above, look on the NHS Choices web site to see which practices are local to you. The web site also gives an indication of which which GPs are recommended by their patients. I would not put that much faith in the recommendations though as the method for patients to recommend a GP is not very robust in my opinion.

    Good luck.

  • Hobo sorry you are so distressed. Are you seeing the doctor for you? Carer burnout is very distressing. Have you both had care needs assessments from adult social care? your rights under the care act 2014.

    Go to see the GP or the Practice nurse with a double appointment or ask for a home visit. Explain your frustration.

    Terry is so lucky he has you but you need better support or there will be two poorly people in your household.

  • Thanks for caring .xx

  • This sort of thing doesn't surprise me sadly; it depends how full up your local surgeries are; and also you cannot go outside a certain radius usually. Hopefully, you will have some choice if you are not satisfied with your current GP practice.

  • It is almost impossible to swap your official GP's at my practice as they are overloaded with patients; though you may have more luck at yours. Mine still do give you a choice to see another Doctor at the practice however. Waiting times are absurd; usually a month.

  • Hi h0b0

    Give it a try.


    PS. Deep breaths 😀

  • I have decided to speak with consultant in 2 weeks time & explain the lack of GP care that we are getting. xx

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