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Recommend the research project at Oxford John Radcliffe hospital. Especially looking for NAFLD patients like me

I was in Oxford yesterday to take part in the liver multiscan research. It merely consists of you having an MRI but the results far more informative and may even lead to a large reduction in the number of biopsies. This is especially useful for me as I am considered too much of a risk because of clotting problems.

They are a really lovely group of people and answer any questions at any point. The results of your scan are sent to you once they have been scrutinised by a specialist. However, you are given the basic information there and then.

I have information to show my doctors that they didn't know.

The more people who take part, the more proof they can show proof of the effectivenessand cost saving to the NHS to persuade specialists how helpful a diagnostic and monitoring tool it is.

They did say that they are having problems getting enough patients with NAFLD in particular so if you can help please consider it.

You have an MRI and answer questions about your experience- no effort at all.

All expenses are paid and they even pay for a B&B if you travel a long distance.

Anyone at all interested the details are below, it costs nothing to contact them for information.

Details below

Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd, Oxford Centre for Innovation, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1BY, UK

+44 (0) 1865 261457 | @LiverMultiScan | perspectum-diagnostics.com


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I was there as well yesterday and still can't quite believe my result to be honest, it was basically all green and blue!. A fibroscan I had done in February showed very mild scarring but not cirhottic, so I expected at least some scarring to show but he said there was none there whatsoever. I'm finding it hard to believe but I'm hoping of course that it is right!


I thought it was you. I am the one in the wheelchair



hello mrsmerlin

Yes as you implied in your post, it is a very worthwhile and informative experience.

I participated about 5 weeks ago but was under impression it is open to anyone with cirrhosis and NAFLD which I do not have. It was interesting to see the various graphs produced during the scan as well as the legend showing the extent of scarring and inflamation as well as things like iron levels . I only learned subsequently that my own liver specialist is one of those responsible for the research so when I saw him a few days later he already knew what my results were.

I am under impression that there are other contributors on this forum who have already taken part in this research but for anyone that hasn't and who has free time available on a Saturday and is not adverse to being in an MRI scanner for 30 minutes or so then it really is worth while contacting Perspectum Diagnostics`to arrange participation in this useful research



Hi, it is open for conditions across the spectrum it's just that they mentioned that NAFLD patients were the one group they have problems getting to take part.

I am assuming it's because those who are asymptotic believe that they aren't bad enough to be important to the trial. They are essential in order that they give a more accurate result. My husband also had a scan with no known liver disease as part of a control group.



Hi I had mine 2 weeks ago found it really good confirmed diagnosis of haemochromotosis and significant fibrosis/inflammation which is what I expected but still waiting for the e mail with results. How long did yours take to come? πŸ˜ƒ


Hi dooley1, my results seemed to come really quickly, certainly within 2 weeks. It may take longer if they have had a busy few weekends. Wait a while longer, and e mail Andy if you haven't heard, I'm sure he won't mind. Things do get overlooked or forgotten at times. Although as I say they were quick with mine.

I found it to be really informative, they are a really friendly and enthusiastic bunch!!


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Hi Dooley1 - i had this scan about two weeks ago too and am still waiting the results. I contacted Andy and he said Dr Banerjee has been away longer than expected, so I'm sure results will come through once he's had a chance to look at them. Very interested exercise it was though!

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Ok thanks for that.πŸ‘πŸΌ


So can you just ask to go in this scanner when you have liver problems


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