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Transplant Assessment & HRS

Hi Everyone,

My father is due a liver transplant assessment in abut 6 weeks but he is still suffering with the same issues as before, these being Ascites (about 16L drain every 14 days), some GI Bleeds, worsening confusion (H.E), his vision has the cirrhosis clouding etc.

About every 10 days he seems to go into kidney failure with creatinine spiking from a steady 150 to well over 200 - docs say that this is Hepatorenal Syndrome. They've been treating it with Glypressin and he has been responding well, but then relapses. Assuming that this continues, what ramifications does it have for the assessment (if any) and will they treat him at the assessment if required?

Thanks in advance.


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Often Heptorenal Syndrome puts you higher on the listing , and more liable to get listed in the first place. The kidneys try to help a ailing liver and then can start to suffer themselves, which is what one assumes is happening. The other parts are pretty normal at this stage.


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