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Transplant assessment

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Hi everyone - I’ve only posted once but I’m getting lots of good information from the forum - so thanks for that.

The transplant specialist in Liverpool has referred me to Birmingham for transplant. I got a copy of the letter today so presumably the consultant in Birmingham will have the request.

My UKELD is 60 and they can’t get rid of the jaundice so the need is quite urgent.

Could anyone give me some indication as to the timeframe from referral to assessment please? The Birmingham website suggests a 5 day assessment whereas my consultant mentioned two trips down there - Any feedback on that would be appreciated thanks.

I hope you all have the best Christmas possible.

Thanks again


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Hi Whitty, are you being sent by the Royal Hospital or from Aintree Hospital?? I'm 2 years post transplant from the Royal hospital.Will message more tomorrow I'm just off to bed zzzzzz

It’s Aintree my friend - thanks for the reply

Hi Ian

That’s great news - in the circumstances- that you are being referred to QEHB, you’ll be in great hands there! Re the Assessment - it is five days if you are an inpatient or a one day initial Assessment followed by a two day detailed Assessment if you are an outpatient. Well that was how it was in 2018 for me.

Timings are dependent on many factors so it is difficult to be precise - mine took about about three months for the two Assessments (elapsed time obviously!) and then I needed another special test which added four months to that. But I know others have been through the process much faster than that!

Hope it all goes well for you. I hope you will keep us informed.


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Whitty66 in reply to ThreeSmiles

Thanks Miles - that’s very helpful. Sounds like my man is talking about the one day / two day option. I’ll keep the forum posted when things start to happen.All the Best


Hi Whitty, for me the timings were as follows:

My appointment where I was told I was going to be sent for assessment was on the 5th December 2016.

I received a telephone call checking my availability about a week or two later.

I was an outpatient so it was the 3 day affair split into two. A 1 day session initially then a 2 day session later.

The one day session was on the 9th Jan 2017, so roughly a month after the decision to assess. The second session was about 6 weeks later in Feb 2017.

Got told I was suitable for listing on the Friday after the 2nd assessment session and went live on the Transplant list the week after.

6 weeks later I got my transplant. 😊😊😊.

Thats a long way round of saying about a month to 6 weeks for the first part, although having Christmas in between may have influenced that for me, then anything from between 2 weeks and 6 weeks to the second part, lol.

Good luck 👍👍

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Whitty66 in reply to Kristian

Hi Kristian - thanks for this and congrats on getting through it that quickly.My appt was 15th Dec when the letter was sent so that puts me 10 days behind you but with covid and Christmas I’ll be lucky to do as well as you.

Anyway, that’s very reassuring.

I wish you all the best for Christmas and good health in the future.



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Kristian in reply to Whitty66

Thanks Ian.

Hope it all goes well for you. Have a good Christmas and let's hope a happy liver in the new year.

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Whitty66 in reply to Kristian


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Laura009 in reply to Whitty66

Very best of luck to you. Have a good Christmas and stay safe.Laura x

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Whitty66 in reply to Laura009

Thanks LauraBest Wishes to you and have a Happy Christmas.


I live in the South West and our Liver Unit is at Derriford in Plymouth, I think every area works slightly differently. I was considered for assessment in June 2019. Assessed over 2 days at Derriford in July. Final 3 day assessment at King’s in London near the end of August 2019. Listed for transplant on the 1st of September. Got my first call for transplant near the end of September 2019 and was transplanted in December 2019 at King’s 👍

Hoping everything goes well for you in these strange times🙏 stay safe💜👍

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Whitty66 in reply to Lam1e

Thank you very much for the information which is very helpful- and thanks also for your kind wishes.Take care


My dad had his transplant down in Birmingham in September he was also referred from Liverpool the first app was the dr from Birmingham came to Liverpool the next was at Birmingham around 6 weeks later the next was a 2 day appointment we stayed local to the hospital that was 4 weeks later they then have a meeting following the 2 day assessment and you get a call on the Friday to say if accepted or not for my dad they wanted to build him up a bit for 4 weeks he was then seen again and accepted so that was a Thursday then the Friday night he got the call to say they had a match and so it went from there, wishing you support with the assessment process

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Whitty66 in reply to Jugular1

Thanks very much for your message, it’s much appreciated especially taking the time on Christmas Day.I’m just playing the waiting game now and after all the kind comments and info I’ve got from the site it’s very reassuring.

I hope your Dads recovery is going well and perhaps today he’ll get a bit of a boost.

I’ll keep you all informed and I’m sure I’ll be asking for more help and advice as things progress.

I hope you and your family have a lovely day and that 2021 is kinder to us all.

Best Wishes


He is great now, had a slow rocky start post op but he’s 3 1/2 months post op now and is doing so well, the co ordinators did say they were getting lots of donors through so hopefully you will get accepted and get a match quickly

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Whitty66 in reply to Jugular1

Oh that’s great! Have a great day.Ian 🤞

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