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at a loss


i was diagnosed with nash non alcoholic cirroisis in 2006 recently i collapesed went to icu for 12 days then woke up confused a changed person.

i was told i had encepalophy (spelling) ive been told im a excellent candidate for a transplant and im petrified cant find a support group in my area.

is iy normal to feel all alone.

thank you for reading mal,,,

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It sure is, this is one lonely disease. Lots here have had liver transplants and others are waiting for one. You are in a good place now. I have been here a few months and this is a mature, serious group with a lot of experience and experiences. You will not feel so alone now you've found your people. Your mental health can improve. I have not had H E yet but I do suffer from some mental confusion now and then. Good luck.


Hey don't feel down , feel good that you have the opportunity of a new life , as I was the same as you , you will get through this , think possative and do everything they ask you, good luck



Hi - support groups are thin on the ground, as are specialist burses, I also have NASH with hepatic encephalopathy. Every time I see the liver team I ask about this kind of support and have been told that there is only a specialist support nurse at my liver unit if my liver disease is related to my lifestyle (alcohol abuse, etc) or if I am listed for a transplant. Some hospitals have either / both specialist nurses or support groups. However you will always get support on these pages. Good luck!


I was unaware of this site pre transplant and yes you are right it it can be very lonely. The good news is that this site has a lot of people either in your position pre transplant and a lot post transplant.

Obviously there's nothing good about going to ICU for 12 days BUT in my opinion being told you're an excellent candidate for transplant is. At this point I would suggest you take one step at a time. Pursue the transplant option and talk to consultants about transplant assessment. This is the necessary first step towards transplant, and involves a complete assessment to see if you are legible.

Transplant can be a life changer, you can get a really good quality of life back, many of us on this forum have. You've found a great forum, and loads of people with really good experience.


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