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Can someone please tell me what these's kidney function test results mean,

eGFR40,Creatinine 146, Urea 13.7 Sodium 133. My parner has AIH and cirrhosis of the liver he has been  ill for  about  16yrs he is on all the usual  medication but his consultant firstly  reduce his diaretics  a couples of weeks ago  but then stopped them completely 2 weeks ago.

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Sometimes if you're on water tablets you lose more salt than is safe and your kidneys begin to struggle so that's why the water tabs have been stopped probably. You can become quite ill quite quickly if your sodium levels go to low. There's not a huge margin for sodium. It's bang on at the moment at 133 but his kidneys seem to be struggling slightly, normal creatinine is up to 92. 😃


Thanks dooley1 just worried about his ascites coming back weighing him ever couple of days


Agree with dooley, the eGFR is a calculation of how well his kidneys are working, the rate they are cleaning, filtering and allowing excess water and waste to leave the body. The best range to be in is >60. He's not toooo bad at 40 but low (slow) enough for the docs to flag that up as not ideal. Mine has just been flagged by my GP as 'lets do something about this' at an eFGR of 58.

Kidneys still function at <30 but then you start getting problems with the build up of toxins, just like with a poorly liver.

The creatine is too high, another indication of the kidneys being a bit sluggish.

Who is monitoring the kidney function, ie where did these results come from. If the GP has done the test, the GP should let his consultant know and get advice.


Hi Bolly thanks for your reply, his gastro nurse at the hospital is keeping an eye on his bloods and she is the one who said to stop his diaretics and to weigh him every couple of days to keep a check on his weight as his acsite may come back,he had another blood test on the 5th may but haven't heard anything back from them as yet


Sounds like the nurse and you together are keeping a close eye on things.


Yes we are ☺ he see's his liver specialist in june can you tell me if a fibroscan is better than an ultrasound scan ? I may ask if he can have this done as he's only ever had a ultrasound scan


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