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Chronically elevated lft


I have had elevated lft's since 2012 but usually go normal.  Gallbladder removed jan 14 due to it being sludgy. Upper right quadrant pain still present. I was a regular drinker until January 16 when i did dry January and decided i liked not drinking and saving money. My lft's are still abnormal,  they have been coming down slowly but recently elevated after an esophageal spasm? Still do not think that was the cause of mynpain and hospital admittance as had them before. I am now told i have to have more bloods taken in 8 weeks,  if still high i will need biopsy in a few months. I am constantly fatigued to the point i don't even have the energy to dress, constant dull upper right quadrant pain, regular acud reflux issues to the point i am on a soft food only diet as my throat is sore. Anyone else going through this and still waiting?  All scans havnt shown anything 

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Wow, I was just about to post about gall bladder problems with liver disease. 

I hope you get things sorted soon. I think liver disease makes things more complicated. I had some issues picked up on after m last CT. follow up US I have adenomyomatosis (rare) and they usually remove the gall bladder because of the degenerative nature of the disease. I just read on line that having  cirrhosis (I do) & a gallbladder removed has  a higher rate of morbidity. I'm awaya travelling for work so have not been the greatest. Pain and lethargy... I relate so well to your post.. 

I also think I have read several comments on here that the operation has caused more health issues.

Good luck fellow upper right quadrant pain and general lethargy sufferer...

One day at a time,



Thanks Steph. I am more frustrated that scan results are normal . Now awaiting further blood tests for liver function in 8 weeks and if still abnormal,  they will perform liver biopsy.  So still months to go and really struggling,  constant headaches,  pain and fatigue constantly.  I have really bad spinal arthritis and because i am even less mobile due to fatigue and lightheadedness,  its unfortunately a knock on effect and arthritis is unbearable,  no sleep at all, getting very emotional and crying for no reason,  i have always been a strong person butbi am scared i am now getting depressed


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