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Rare liver condition.

Hello I'm a little lost with my newly diagnoses.

Basically short story is whenever I get an infection the antibodies I produce my liver is allergic to them and due to this my liver then stops working and shuts down and then To throw in a special measure sepsis then sets in.

I have no idea what this looks like going forward and no one knows what to do for me. Luckily infections don't come every month. But the consultant couldnt say what the future may look like for me.

I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there in a similar position.

Thank you

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Hello mummymoors. Has your diagnosis got a medical name? Sounds like some sort of autoimmune condition? There might be some others on here with the same or similar, if you can remember what the docs have given you as a medical diagnosis.


Hello thank you for getting back to me. I'm waiting to see my dr today as the consultant didn't give me a medical name for it. So I'm not really sure.


If you can get a bit more information off your doctor we might be able to help. Sounds horrid. Quite a few of us on here with conditions where our immune system attacks our liver, not sure about the sepsis part though, we have had one or two but it would help to know the name of the diagnosis if you can get it.


Hi mummymores85,

Do you mind me asking what kinds of infections you typically get or are they varied? I ask because because for much of my life I've been taking antibiotics to fight chronic sinus infections (broke my nose when little and after that it never drained properly). Also, my body lacks the ability to dissolve stitches. Massive infections after surgeries especially removal of gallbladder.

Thanks for posting!


Hello there you story sounds some what slightly familiar.

First recorded infection was from gallstones which resilted in emergency removal of gallbladder. One was kidney stone passing through which sparked off an infection. One was placenta left behind after the birth of my son.

Those are the big ones that left me in hospital for weeks. I've had a few unexplained ones too.

On all of the surgical ones I've never dissolved stitches which always resulted in infections. I just hope I never have to have surgery again but I know one day I will more than likely need to have a biopsy on the liver but according to the consultant that will have to wait till I get sick again!

So for now I just have to wait!


I also think constant, extreme stress has contributed to the condition. I wonder if we could all offer input to discover common denominators.

Thanks for sharing!

Jane (Ontario, Canada)


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