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Hi, I had a letter today informing me of an appointment change but also informing me that the venue had changed. Apparently liver clinics are now held the Heritage Building, same Dr Ferguson and some members of the staff. They still call it the heptology clinic but is also the new Centre for Rare Diseases. Has anyone attended this new place yet, thanks.

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  • Hubby had his liver transplant assessment in the heritage building. No where near as grand as the main QE!! Has its own entrance and a little cafe on site so not to bad. Hubby got a clinic with Dr Thompson end of this month but still in the new part.

  • Hi poppy86, Thank you for your reply, I suppose using the other liver clinic for nearly 5 years I'm not keen on change. The important thing is as long as the care remains as high. I wish you and your husband all the best for the future and all goes well for you both..

  • I went to the Heritage building a few weeks back for my clinic appointment, I was in and out within 35 mins! a vast improvement over the old clinic, But as poppy86 said, its not as nice as the new building!

  • Thanks Dan, I was in and out before my actual appointment time. Shame really I was gasping for a cuppa at the time. I found it OK, none of that waiting time for bloods to be taken.

  • Yes was great:) I didn't realise the whole liver clinic had moved, I thought it just certain patients:)

  • I understood it was certain patients.

  • We were at the new QE outpatients the beginning of the week and it was completely packed for the liver clinic alone. Could barely find a seat. Honestly they are fantastic. Squeezed Hubby in to see the nurse specialist so we dont have to travel up again to see her. It's a long way and Hubby is knackered for days afterwards. Worth it though!!

  • Hi, was that in the main building or Heritage house..

  • In the main building. New QE. Sorry I just read back again what I wrote and I didn't explain very well.

  • No problem poppy86, last Monday I went to the Heritage Building. I was in and out before my proper appointment time and there was no crowd. I wish you and your hubby all the best in the future.

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