Does varies always mean cirrhosis?

My doctor thinks I have cirrhosis. They found vacancies in my esophagus. All my liver enzymes were normal.My ultrasound was normal. I have gallstones. The two blood test that were elevated was my smooth muscles actin with a weak positive of 22. My fibrosis score was high at 0.25 and my fibrosis score was f0-f1. Also my ena ribonucleoprotein was high at 3.3 . Very confused. Also my portal Veins ultrasound was normal

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  • How very strange; im afraid i cant answer you; but i expect others may be able to assist you; Do you have a Heptologist or specialist; they will be able to do even more testing and determine everything. Request to be referred asap. x

  • I'm confused as well but it could be a problem with predictive text coming out with the wrong words in your post?!

    I'm guessing that the varicies in your esophagus were found during an endoscopy? Can you tell us what signs and symptoms and test results led the doctors to doing an endoscopy?

    The figures you give for fibrosis are a conflicting, usually the result is given in kPa but I've not seen a result given as 0.25 before. F0-1 is no or little damage which would fit with a normal ultrasound but not, as you say, with finding varicies.

  • My allergist referred me to a gastrointestinal dr to get a endoscopy for acid reflux and they found varacies. Also test showed I had hep b in the past but it cleared it's self

  • The doctor said I can have cirrhosis with normal ultrasound. My ultrasound did show gallstones

  • Quite often doctors will run a quick set of 'antibody' tests for things like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV to rule out these as a diagnosis. It may be that your Hepatitis B test came back positive for Hep B antibodies? People who have cleared the virus AND people who are chronic carriers, can BOTH have a positive HBsAg result. I know because i am a chronic HBV carrier who was told i was ok 30+ years ago but went on to develop cirrhosis.

    I suggest you go back to your gastro and ask for a Hepatitis B DNA test, just to be absolutely sure that its not chronic Hep B that has caused your varicies and possible cirrhosis. The test is highly sophisticated blood test that checks for the presence of hepatitis B virus DNA in the bloodstream.

  • They did the hep DNA and said it wasn't cronic

  • Thats a relief, glad you have been properly checked. Hope you get treatment for the varicies, sometimes they can be managed with beta blockers and sometimes they need to be banded.

  • Im guessing that your Fibrosis test was a blood test such as Fibrosure? A Fibroscan would give a result in kpas and never have I seen a reading of 0.25.

    The varices are a red flag for Liver disease, very odd your tests are so good otherwise. Normally I would expect the ultrasound to show something out of place, but it does sometimes happen.

    It does sound like the Hepb went inactive, but unfortunately it had already caused alot of damage. probably why your bloods are so good, its not active any more, but Cirrhosis may well be.

    To get a better idea I would ask for FIbroscan.

  • Thanks I will request a fibro scan at my appointment Monday. The ultrasound did show gallstones..

  • gallstones wont cause Varices. Lubricant? A Fibroscan, its better than an ultrasound by a country mile. It will give you a better idea of what scarring is there, its a scan.

  • Ct scan was also normal

  • So I guess it's safe to say I have cirrhosis because I have varacies?

  • Its pretty hard to imagine any other causes of Varices, Liver scarring is top of the list. For clarity the Fibroscan is better than MRI,CT and ultrasound to measure Liver scarring.

    The mayo clinic has a link:

  • Thanks the doctors are basically saying I have cirrhosis.So they ran blood test to see why I have it out of these six test my smooth muscles acatin was a weak positive and my ribonucleoprotien was high at 3.3

  • I know of one person who had varices, and everyone assumed she had cirrhosis. Se had a biopsy and her liver was fine. What she has is a clot in portal vein , which is affection the pressure. I think her Dr.s were as surprised as she was.

  • Wow

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