Early Days

Our 44 old son went down with cronic liver failure last July. Totally out the blue.

He was a binge drinker but never any signs of illness....he was given 24 hours to live early Aug..Dr said it was a miracle he survived. He was monitored and refered to QEH Birmingham on Sept. And had his fist visit last week 26 Jan.

Met His Specialist went well and had Blood tests.

Waiting now for date to go for a full day of assesment then follow up 2 day visit.

Told they will try and get some tests done at our home town hospital. BVH

hope all goes well. Believe Queen Elizabeth Hospital is top draw for transplants...

Think this blog is great for support and info.

Thank you all

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  • Sorry to hear about your son. I was the same 3 years ago, hours to live with liver failure, hepatitis, sepsis, jaundice and ascites. However, after 5 weeks in hospital I pulled through and after Fibroscan, MRI and blood tests 2 months ago, I have been given the all clear, everything normal. So for your son it is early days, and I understand QE in Birminghan is a very good hospital. How is he at present, any symptoms? Does someone go with him to appointments? I think this is important as there is so much to take in and questions to ask. Good Luck. Anne

  • Thanks Anne..so glad you are through it and well now...yes I go on every appt. With him, he has to be drained every 2 / 3 weeks under a scan for positioning of the drain tube. 16.5 lts. last time.

    He is 6' 4'' and very stocky, well was..he has lost all muscle in his arms now.

    He's on 10 tablets per day and they seem to be keeping him stable at the moment but had been told his liver was only about 2% and it will not improve hence him been put forward for a transplant


  • I am sorry he is so unwell, but glad stable. I hope the assessment goes well. Anne

  • I'm glad your son is now getting good treatment and wish him well; what i am finding increasingly scary...is how it seems that people can go down hill so quickly; 'liver failure out of the blue' for example; or people who seem to be managing but then all of a sudden things get alot worse; quite frightening.

  • Hi susieanna, I agree it is very scary, it can happen so quickly. I think one of the problems is that the liver feels no pain (no nerves) and try's to carry on working even when it has little to work with. Also, with sepsis, this quite hard to diagnose in it's early stages, but can take over your body quite quickly. Take care. Anne

  • Was it only now because of the 6 month's abstinence from alcohol?

    I had a transplant just over a year ago at 43 years old, the cause wasn't alcohol but even so I was grilled about it anyway.

    I found the assessment incredibly stressful, hope all goes well.

    I'm almost as good as new now, just keeping my eye on blood pressure at the moment due to the immunosuppressants.

  • Thank you Rodeojoe. Could be the 6 month no alcahol bench Mark.

    Will keep you informed


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