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Story of Struggle against Cirrhosis Liver – Setiawan Djody

Finding the right doctor is not a problem because Singapore offers excellent health care for my family and the service is very easy to access / reach of the town where I live in Indonesia. I have other medical treatment, which is not related to the heart, in other cities like New York and Japan. But Singapore is what I consider the house itself because the city gives the feeling of a multi-racial and multi-cultural, with Indonesia, India, China and others.

My challenge is to look for a suitable heart for transplant my heart. All eight of my children doing examinations and tests to identify who is fit. Shri Djody Jehan, my daughter who is my fourth child, is the only suitable donor. With her heart and courage, he volunteered and accepted the challenge. It is very aggravating to me, see my daughter have to suffer because of my illness, but he kept the spirit and support of my treatment. At 27 years old and newly married, he decided to postpone plans to have children in order to save his father – me.

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