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Hi All iv been diagnosed with nash am very worried bin told my liver is hard and got growths on they said if this blood test confirms what the scans are saying I will have to have a biopsy my alt have been as high as 180 have discomfort in liver area pain in the back worried about my job bus driver worried about my health haven't got a clue what this means really mind blowing just need to scream ou t help who's got the answers

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Hi there

I had a fibroscan done showing that I have S2 steatosis which is I believe Nash or fatty liver stage 2? Unfortunately I have lots of fat in my liver

I'm as well quite scared and lost but let's say it's a sign for me to eat healthier and lose weight and I hope it's going to be fine. My ALT is 63.



What have the scans said? Sorry to tell you but this does indeed sound serious, having a hard Liver usually means a scarred Liver, the growths could be benign or they could be cancer or they could be "nodules" caused by Cirrhosis of the Liver, you could also have all of these at the same time.

At the moment you need to be concerned with your health, the job is not important when faced with a serious Liver problem.

ALT is a marker for inflammation of the Liver, its means your Liver is inflamed and damage is occurring. 180 isnt the highest I have seen, is acute inflammation I have seen 2000-3000.

The problem with NASH is that it can progress for decades unnoticed because the Liver is good at working under stress and you only need about 10-20% of working Liver cells for it to complete all its functions (there are 500 or so). The question is how long have you had this inflammation, considering the "hard Liver" with high Liver markers I would say its clear that your Liver is struggling and everyday counts in trying to address this.

Assessing Liver damage is not straight forward but you should get some more answers from the biopsy. If you can halt the NASH then the Liver may be able to recover some lost ground. Many Live for along time with Liver damage if they do exactly what their doctors say. Its going to be a tough and stressful road ahead, but it needs to be done and hopefully it wont be as bad as you think.


Thanks guys phoned hospital Monday got appointment Friday 18 any advice on questions to ask


Its going to be a road of tests ahead, in truth the doctors wont know for sure themselves yet what kind of damage you have, but there is likely some.

What scan did you have? what were the findings? if you could post this then we should be able to give you an idea.

You will need to stop any alcohol for ever, any medications you may be on will need to be checked to see if they ok with a Liver problem. Change your diet so its as Liver friendly as possible. No fats, sugars, red meat, not to many carbs, avoid salt.


Thanks Ralph will post on Friday when I get to know more about it


Hi every body , its been a very long time since I posted, a fibroscan I had last year raised the possibility I had advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis. today a repeat F/S gave a much lower reading which suggest little if any fibrosis I am now having a biopsy in three weeks to see what is happening ,since last year I have lost 1.5 stone taken liver cleansing & blood cleansing herbs and take multi liquid vitamins every day and I feel good however I get fatigue and pains in my muscles and bones and in my right side am still very worried though .Any thoughts ,any body Thanks Graham


liver scan 2015 median liver stiffness 11.7kPa

repeat scan as above 5,4kPa can any body explain these for me


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