Nash with fibrosis

Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing ok.

I'm worried that I am feeling worse and worse each day, liver nurse said if I don't lose the weight I will end up with cirrhosis and then a transplant. We've tried everything but having underactive thyroid doesn't help!! I'm just scared that will need a transplant in the end. Sorry to parrot on. You all take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

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  • Hiya lynne MA sorry to hear your feeling low you've been through so much, stay strong and just take every step at your pace, you have a lot of friends on here I for one will wish you well take care xx

  • Thank you so much. I know I'm lucky with work, friends , family and everyone on here , I do appreciate everyone's help. Please take care

    Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • I hope you feel better soon Lynne, I'm rooting for you xxxx

  • Thank you so much. Feel really rough at the moment xxxx

  • Thinking of you Lynne. Lots of love xxxx

  • Thank you so much xxxx

  • Hi Lynne,

    Have you seen a hospital registered dietitian for a specific diet plan?

    We are all sending you good wishes,

    Team BLT

  • Thank you. Yes I have. She said we are doing everything right but also showed us some diet plans, we are doing everything we can. My Dr said it must be my thyroid stopping it coming off. Xxxx

  • Hi

    Just found out today that my fibroscan is next Tuesday so that my Dr has got everything in front of him for the 17th October xxxx

  • That's good Lynne I'm hoping you get a good result xxx

  • Thank you. Feel so rough at the mo but we have to keep smiling don't we xxxx

  • Sorry, how are you xxxx

  • We do indeed Lynne, I do try, I get really fed up when anxiety grips me, especially when it comes from nowhere with a sense of doom that renders me housebound. Trying to even explain all the symptoms is hard and very tiring. I just started sertraline which is meant to be good for PTSD so we shall see. Thank you for asking xxxx

  • You are very welcome. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • Will do and you too xxxx

  • I can't imagine what it must be like having pain daily.. very draining I'm sure xxx

  • Yes it is. I think I could cope better during the day if I'd had a good night's sleep, it's getting too much for me. I will be telling the liver nurse and the Dr how I'm doing and I'm not going to move until they do xxxx

  • Good for you Lynne I hope they listen xxxx

  • Do do I!!! My son's and my husband are ready to tell him everything that I forget!! We are not leaving until we've got an answer as to what is going on. It's been going on for at least 2 years. I know some people have been messed about for longer than that!!! Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • That's great that they are supporting you so closely, I hope you get the answers you seek..finally! You take care too, Michelle xxxxx

  • Good luck with your upcoming appointments Lynne.

  • Thank you so much xxxx

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