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I have had swelling in both legs for about 4 months went to gp as left leg was extremely painful in calf area, right leg swelling went down a lot, but not the left for 3 months was going to gp twice weekly and had to ask for water pills, saw another gp yesterday and was sent to hospital straight away for assement for DVT I have to go back this morning for Doppler scan, if anyone knows anything of this condition if I have DVT could I have had it for 4 months without any consequences. Annette !!

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Yes, I am familiar with DVT. My grandfather and father-in-law recently went through treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is basically blood clots in the veins, usually in the legs. The scan will let the doctors know where the clots are, and it is typically treated with medication. They may use IV medications to dissolve the blood clot, and you might have to take a daily pill to help prevent it from happening again. The prognosis is good, so try not to worry too much. Do take it seriously, however.


Thanks chinablue for advice I'm so happy to say scan showed no DVT so doctor I saw said continue with frusemide and as it could be due to liver, speak to my heptologist on 21st December he will have a report sent to him so am happy I don't have to deal with DVT as well. Annette

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That is great news! :)



thank you !!!! Annette


That is good news Angse. I never seem to bump into you at Kings - my appointment is the week before yours this time! However I am always at a Wednesday clinic, - yours seems to be a Monday!


Thanks gamesmaker yes my appointment is always on a Monday with proffesser O'Grady shame would love to meet you, thank goodness no DVT enough to cope with the liver, watched George best autopsy last night very sad. Annette !!!


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