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Right side pain

Hi all

I'm 53 Yo I have pain on my upper right side for 5 years now I've done lots of ultrasounds, ex ray, ct scan and fibro scan all show fatty liver but my Dr said fatty liver doesn't cause pain my during all this exams we found bowel cancer, in large lymph node in the lungs and uteress fibroid but non of all this cause this pain does any one here have fatty liver and got all that pain and itchi skin?

My.LFT was little elevated


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Hi. Not sure if you mean upper right side pain around the liver or upper right side as in back. I have aih/pbc overlap and in the process of testing also discovered bowel cancer. Itching skin usually comes from pbc (don't have that so can't help you with that ). My elevated LFTs led to a biopsy which indicated autoimmune hepatitis. From what I understand what we would think of a pain in the liver is in fact the casing that surrounded the liver. Why? I am not sure. Good luck with your treatment., you have a lot to deal with right now. Bowel cancer sucks.


thanks for you r reply doublewhammy

the pain is on my liver site


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