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Question about right-sided pain

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So I was diagnosed with NASH/liver fibrosis in February. I've drastically changed my lifestyle. Although it wasn't caused by alcohol, I did enjoy drinking occasionally, but haven't had any alcohol since December. I eat as healthy as I can living in the states. Pretty much just greens, meats and a little fruit. No breads, pastas, starchs or sweets. But I am still having pain.

Yesterday at work I was making copies when I got a few sudden twinges that stopped me and made hunch over holding the spot. It passed quickly. I don't think it was anything I ate, I eat exactly the same thing every single work day.

I guess I'm asking if anyone has experienced anything similar. I was hoping to repair my liver by changing my lifestyle but the pain scares me into thinking it's progressed. My other symptoms have gone away, I lost almost 40 lbs, I don't retain water, my stool is solid and a normal brown color and I'm not excessively over heated.

So what are some reasons I may be having this?

9 Replies
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I’m not much help. I’m just starting to read and research. I’ve been having right side pain in my stomach but had scans and everything looks normal. It’s hard to believ though. When I press down it hurts. I was told I had a fatty liver on my ultrasound but my CT scan said it was normal. So confusing! I hope you aren’t having anymore pain.

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Lara86 in reply to Tricia75

Thanks. It's not really bad pain but it scares me because I've changed my diet completely and I'm trying to cut out as many chemicals as I can. I'm still working on that but my diet can't get much cleaner, at least not where I live.

I was hoping for improvement, and maybe my follow up scans will show improvement but the pain makes me think otherwise. I was just wondering if anyone had pain even with improvement.

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I've got Nash with some fibrosis. I still get so much pain. My pain is caused by my very enlarged liver which stretches the capsule around the liver and it is this that causes the pain. The liver doesn't have nerves but the spleen does. Take care Lynne

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Kuntzie13 in reply to Lara86

I am in the same boat with the same pains. I have had every scan and multiple blood tests and everything came back from. My side pain is horrible!!! Every day. Non stop and hurts way worse when I push on it or twist and bend. It’s been absolutely miserable for about a year and a half. I do have a couple scopes scheduled but might have to postpone again due to conflicting work schedules. Ugh. Wish you the best!

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Sorry to say none of us are qualified to answer your question and only your doctor has access to your medical history.

Having said that, most professionals will come back with - the liver has no capacity for pain. That's true. It doesn't cover the fact that the sac (for want of a better term) that surrounds and protects the liver can and does hurt.

A short acute pain like yours could be so many things you really need to contact your doctor. Don't be focused on it being your liver, there are a number of things that could give your symptom. It's all too easy for us to automatically associate symptoms to a condition we know about without exploring other options.

Hope it turns out to be a simple inflammation if the liver which can settle quickly.

Rita xx

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Hey Lara im not shure what to tell u but im at a similar Situation so u was born in 86 ?? Just like me lost 25 lbs and hoping fibrosis level 0-1 will not progress I have a question what do your bloodtests say are they in a normal range

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I’ve actually been having RUQ pain for about a month now. It’s pretty much just a dull ache. I ended up in the ER and the doctor said it was NAFLD or NASH. Granted, he followed that up with he doesn’t know much about it. All of my blood work was good so I’m confused because from what I’ve read online, you can’t diagnose NASH through Ultrasound? Maybe you guys can help me understand. I’m absolutely terrified and don’t know what to think. Another thing to note, I had a CT scan five months ago and three months ago and both listed a perfect liver. Can things go downhill that fast? Very confused.

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I am the same, in March I was diagnosed and drastically changed lifestyle no sugar alcohol and exercise daily. I still get RH pain they don't know why..

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Lara86 in reply to Jcolondon

So have your tests and scans improved? I've lost almost 40 lbs and I feel better. I will be seeing my liver specialist next month and I'm guessing I'll be repeating the fibroscan. And my bloodwork. So I don't know yet if there's improvement. I was hoping someone would post they experienced the same and did have improvement. And of course I fear there isn't improvement, or that it's still progressing or worse.

I post more about my results when I know more.

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