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Upper right side back pain?

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Had blood test done all fine liver enzymes was slightly raised doctors was not concerned. I’m having right side back pain does anyone else experience this? What could it be? I’m 26 contacted doctors a number of times they’re just not interested even being to a&e I have six apparent benign liver tumours largest being 4cm I have my next mri next Saturday. I’m told fnh doesn’t cause pain I’ve looked on internet and found in some cases it does. I’m not sure if 4cm is big enough to even cause pain would imagine it would be small? Also when running up and down stairs and jogging can feel pain under ribs also hurts in back with deep breaths

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I really hope you get some answers soon I have experienced the same pain for over a year and no idea where it’s coming from although I can’t help but think my liver although ultrasound was clear but bloods have been up and down over the years, I’m waiting of an MRI I think my doctors are totally sick of me x Good Luck x

I think my doctors are probably the same. My bloods seem fine other than being slightly raised which they wasn’t worried about. I still can’t help but think the worst with these benign tumours and they’ve got it wrong. I do suffer with bad health anxiety too xx

If your doc is not worried about the benign tumours or your bloods, maybe it would be better to talk to your doc about your health anxiety to get help with that instead? Typically anxiety causes pain to many or any parts of the body due to the stress and tention your mindset causes. As l have said on idyllics post try yoga, pilates and meditation to relax your mind and body.

Thank you I’m on a waiting list for counselling xx

Excellent 🙂 in the meantime do as much as you can to help yourself x

I will try thank you I just hate how I think this everyday x

I'm sure but it's just a matter of being taught how to manage your anxiety if and when it occurs probably through breathing techniques and relaxation methods. Also having a positive productive daily routine so your mind has more to be focused on rather than your health. I wish you luck getting it resolved, this is not a good way to be living. Take careLaura x

Thank you Laura. I never used to be this bad with anxiety until a abnormal smear and then the liver tumours. I’m going to try think positive from tomorrow. Has you say it’s not a good way to be living. It’s no live really in constant fear and worry. Xx

I have just had confirmation from my MRI, 2 masses found on my liver through ultrasound. One is 55mm on the right lobe and 2.5mm on the left I get pains but not sure if connected, I don't believe so.

Be prepared to wait for them, the hospital cancelled my follow up appointment so I had to get my GP to chase up the results. I waited 2.5 months for them just to send a letter saying what they were and other findings (which were apparently clear). I did however call my GP a week after the scan and asked they download the report and tell me the results, they did but said confirmation would need to come from the liver specialists so if you suffer anxiety, speak to your GP and ask if they can share the findings x

Thank you.I’ve had ultrasound in December two weeks after I had MRI then I got a letter by post and then spoke with liver specialist in March and now I’ve got my second MRI this Saturday x

My MRI was with contrast as there was no blood flow on the masses, the larger one having double in size from 2015 (of which they never told me had been found on a previous ultrasound). Try not to worry, there are loads of reasons for masses I found out from this site, definitely stopped me thinking the worst reading others experiences and the knowledge of the guys on here x

Mine was also with contrast im only 26 and found that liver cancer at this age is very rare so I’m trying to think postive and since also found a lot people that have benign liver leisons and with pain I think a lot of the pain I get could be down to the health anxiety x

I believe primary liver cancer is very rare, regardless of age. Generally it is metastasis (secondary). I have lost 2 friends through liver cancer, neither were primary. Both had underlying very serious cancer elsewhere that had spread to the liver so do not convince yourself this is the case. I'm guessing when you say you've since found a lot of people, you don't actually know these people.....stay away from google ;-) x

I’m hoping I’ve not got cancer somewhere else in my body where it’s spread I know someone but he is 76 being diagnosed with primary liver cancer. I don’t get any symptoms anywhere else in my body. And yes I’ve found them on groups and I’m so bad for googling convinced myself so many times I have cancer x

I have cirrhosis, gall stones, enlarged spleen, 1 kidney stone 😊 and I have liver legions. I have never had upper back pain on either side. I would certainly keep away from google, I didn’t and scared myself to death convinced I would not be here the following year. It is now my 5th year since I was diagnosed and (I think) due to a healthy diet I have helped my liver massively.

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Hi,Thank you for your reply that’s exactly what I’ve done googled every possible symptom got in my head it’s liver cancer and then got every symptoms since and if I see anything where anyone as had similar symptoms I’m then convinced this is it. Started my health anxiety since someone I know who’s 76 under same hospital was told a year he had liver cysts which then turned out to be liver cancer so then I was convinced they’d misdiagnosed me health anxiety is awful past two days I’ve felt much better with rarely any symptoms xx

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Do you do anything that helps you relax, walking, swimming, reading, audiobooks, fitness, hobbies?

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Not really but I need to find one xx

Is it possible this is just back pain, unrelated to the liver? I hope you get some relief... are you in severe pain?

Not severe pain barley had any the past few days think health anxiety and when I think about it has a big affect I did go to a&e they checked my bloods and was only slightly elevated so they did no further checks but I have mri on Saturday anyway x

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