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Just for fun

The group of youths in the pub played pool and the juke box was always playing. In the corner sat Tom, always good for a banter with the crowd of lads. After closing time as the bar empted good night's said one of the youths walked home with Tom sorting out the world as you do after a few beers again saying good night they parted their ways. The following night one of the youths asked the barman " Where's Tom " the barman replied have you not heard Tom passed away yesterday afternoon, he could not have the youth said, the barman said no way maybe you saw a ghost , the youth turned white.....

Happy Halloween every one

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Methinks the report of young Toms death was greatly (under)exaggerated. :)

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Hi, This is abridged version when I wrote for a news paper when I was working on ships. I should have mentioned Tom was a decent living pensioner who liked his couple of pints at night. I should have. recycled my apologies for my mistake....


Brilliant : )


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