Hepatopulmonary syndrome

Hi after my last post the hospital have said my wife looks like she has Hepatopulmonary syndrome, can anyone give me advice please as everything i read says even if they get her healthy enough to have transplant she will only live up to 5 years is this true?

Sorry for mis spelling or the wording but my head not thinking straight at the minute.



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  • From a quick read up on this syndrome it would appear that transplant would be the only viable treatment for removal of the problem since the breathlessness stems from substances which the liver is failing to treat ending up in the lungs causing a widening of tubes within and inefficiency of the lungs. All due to the liver gradually failing.

    From what i've read the 5 year survival rate post transplant is 74% which is roughly the same as anyone undergoing transplant no matter what the initial presentation.

    This doesn't mean she'd only live for 5 years it means she'd have a 74% chance of living upto & beyond 5 years - basically the same as anyone else who has a transplant.

    Hope that helps a bit and doesn't seem so gloomy. Fingers crossed they can get her more stable and perhaps healthy enough for transplant.

    All the very best to you both, Katie x

  • Thank you for your help

    God Bless you


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