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My wife is 35 years old. Her FBS and PPBS levels are 267 and 384. Her HbA1C was 9.7. MBG was 254 mg/dl. There was also a Abdomen & Pelvis scan done. It showed enlargement of the liver 15.9cms. Hepatomegaly. Please advise on how to reverse these alarming levels. She is taking Zevit tablets. She is too young. She also breastfeeds our second son. Please advise. Which would be better Herbal, Allopathy, neuropathy, Homeopathy or Ayurvedic - Which would be better? Need your advise. It is an SOS. What are the tablets needed.

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Sorry I don't know what any of those letters mean in relation to liver function tests. I believe they are blood sugar test results for someone with diabetes? Does she have diabetes? If yes, then this is the first thing that needs addressing. Diabetes can result in fatty liver, or NAFLD, but to improve liver function in this case she needs to work with her doctors to get the diabetes under control.

Type 2 diabetes can be improved with lifestyle changes, particularly dietary improvements. I would not recommend any "alternative" protocols for either diabetes or liver inflammation.


having a recent pregnancy may explain alot, pregnancy is a big strain on the body and Liver. Hopefully things can improve from now on, but listen to bolly there are no magic pills, throwing loads of supplements down you can actually make things worse.

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Those are blood sugar tests , I would say she needs to see someone who specialises in diabetes , cutting out sugar , eating a heathy balanced diet will help , I would say ,stay away from alternative therapies as these can have side effects and can adversely affect the liver. I don't think there's going to be a quick fix but with the right advice and treatment I'm sure she'll be fine. Let us know how she is .


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