Liver failure

Hello my dad has decompensated liver has been told no transplant as health is not good and heart not functioning well . He has low sodium level 125 and high biliruben level is on medication but consultant has said no more blood tests for liver function has it pointless . He has a lot off pain in left side not sure what this would be is it connected. Confusion on and off . Family not sure how long ?

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  • Dear Surely,

    Liver disease is a real race against time - what has the consultant said about other tests? Kidneys? Does your dad have ascites? What is the plan as they will not do any more tests?

    Sorry to be asking so many questions - seems so awful that the consultant has just decided tests are pointless when they should really be thinking about how they could try to get your dad to a more stable place...

    I will pray for you and your family.

    Lots and lots of love,


  • Hello thank you for replyingyes dad has ascities was in hospital 4 weeks ago and they removed 20 litres !!seems ok that way at min he very jaundice and tired so weak at moment sodium is 125 so not helping. Does still eat small portions which is good . Mobility is poor and gets very confused . Doctors have left it gave him a review appt for 6wks but i have feeling they dont think he will make it till tgen x

  • Dear Surely,

    You are in your right to ask for a second opinion. This is disgraceful - you must go to your GP and if no joy then contact the PALs officer in the hospital.

    I do hope you manage to find some support...

    Please keep us all updated,


  • Hello just thought i would update you dad collapsed in monday is now back in hospital . Lots of tests being done ct scan blood tests . Awaiting results . Has confusion and extremely jaundiced bilirubin level 156 today i think that is quite high ? Hoping to get him bed in liver ward tomorrow and speak with doctor.

  • Dear Surely,

    Keep questioning his care - the results should be back quite soon so they can make an informed decision about what to do - as your dad is very confused you all need to be his eyes and ears...

    Lots and lots of hope and prayers coming your way...

  • My heartfelt wishes to you your family and especially your dad. I'm afraid I cannot offer any words of wisdom but I do know if you are not happy with this diagnoses then I would ask for a second opinion. My children are young adults and I know how helpless they feel when they see me having a bad day. My thoughts and best wishes to you all and hope you get some useful information from other posters and the medical profession.

  • I had decompensated liver failure twice and the hospital, despite the odds stacked against me gave me a chance. I was yellow with jaundice, swollen with ascities, in pain and my bloods were appalling. Surely your father ought to be given a chance. I held my own and responded to treatment. The pain on my left was my ascities and my spleen had become enlarged but I responded to treatment and spent 4 weeks in hospital. I hope that that you get the answers and treatment that your father deserves because I am a living testimant that you can turn a corner given medical help against the odds.

    I hope that some good happens for your father.

    Thinking of you


  • Dear Julie, May I ask what treatment you were given to get you back to health? Also the cause of your decompensation?

    And to Surely, I do hope your father is better now x

  • Thank you liveronmymind Dad is back in hospital and condition deteriorating weekly now x

  • Oh Dear, I'm so sorry to hear that. You must be going through a very hard time and you have all my sympathy, I am sure they are giving him the best care possible there. Please try and be there for him as much as possible for your sake as much as his xx

  • I hope things are OK with you dad? So sorry. It is such a horrible place to be in. Lots of thoughts to you all!

  • Thank you Dad is very poorly now and we know its just a time game has he cant have a transplant due to a heart problem . Dad has cirroshis from nash . He has had ascites drained in september from his legs 20ltrs but it all back again and worse he now has moderate HE completly yellow . Not great control off bladder or bowel anymore but is also in severe pain last few days in stomach xx

  • Anymore updates? Hoping you are all doing OK given the circumstances

  • Hi Dad was admitted back into hosp for 6 days due to his confusion and poor mobility. Has just got home on Friday condition just getting worse still taking meds to try to control symptoms but not having big effect. Carers coming in 4 times a day now to help as he is now incontient . Appettite is very poor and in lot off pain coming from back is on oral morphine xx

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