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Some hope with liver failure


Hi my Dad has been in hospital with liver failure and pneumonia for five weeks. He has acites and really swollen legs. He is very jaundice. He is more stable but he’s not improving much. The doctors have said 50:50 for getting better. Awaiting a biopsy next week if he improves. I guess I am looking for some hope that people have improved. Come home had some quality of life after this. Especially with it have been 5 weeks in hospital already.

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Hi Claire. I wish you and your Dad the very best of luck. The docs will do everything they can for him.

Good wishes

Laura xx



Just to say I'm thinking of you both and he is in the best place at the moment. Love and hugs to you both Lynne xxxx

Hi Claire sorry to hear that- liver failure and pneumonia not a great combo- there's definitely hope others on this forum can attest. It may be a long haul though as the immune system will be very low. If he has a good support system he has a chance. Do you know what caused the cirrhosis? If it's alcohol related then that has to stop no if's or buts.

Thanks. We don’t know yet. He is not a heavy drink around 14 unit a week mark never has been. Until this we didn’t know he had a problem. Will never drink again. They are saying even a small amount of alcohol may have contributed or Possibly a NASH cirrhosis. His liver has never been the right shape 30+ years (just seen on a scan incidentally). Was thought to be trauma never given any or advice or follow up then.

I think my question is how long can you be in hospital? He is stable watch Netflix walking to bathroom. Just not really improving?

unlikely to be alcohol at those levels-anyway-it makes no difference now-sounds like alcohol will be the least of his issues. It's tough on you but a waiting game-the longer he's stable the better. Liver failure is a tough gig as Chris describes...good luck with it and keep posting

Its impossible to say how long he will be in hospital, every case is different. Its important you ask for daily updates after the docs have seen him, that way you will be kept informed of his condition. I take it he is on a ward and not in intensive care?

L x

Yes on a ward. Moving around well considering the situation. Just that five weeks feels like an eternity already.

I know first-hand how bad things can feel and the tendency is always to lean towards the worst case, I did.

Similar to your Dad I was in hospital for around 7 weeks with pneumonia and liver failure and on a couple of occasions I was not expected to make it more than a day or 2.

Like others have said it’s impossible to second guess your dad’s recovery as each person is different but either way it’s a very long road.

I lost around 7 stone, could not hold food down, was a Homer Simpson yellow with not enough muscle to climb the stairs let alone do any exercise etc.

I spent a good few months lay on the sofa trying the odd bit of food that I used to throw straight back up. It got to a point where I would make 2 of each meal, so 2 x egg on toast, eat first, be sick, hold down the 2ndetc

Gradually I started gaining weight and attempting exercise, and when I say exercise I mean a stroll to the end of the close the first day, a rest day and then maybe the end of the estate, then a mile. then 2,3,4 miles, now a 10 mile walk every sat and sun and at least 1-2 miles a night.

I still have symptoms, levels all still high but lots better, tiredness is a pain, fell sleep couple times in bath and nodded of at work recently, tad embarrassing.

Apart from that, in general I am ok, the amount of “wow you look good, been hitting the gym” comments I get tickle me. I know I am ill but unless I say something nobody else does.

Not sure how old you dad is but this is pretty much me:

Age= 48

Height= 6.2


Before ill= 17.5 stone

Whilst ill= 11

When feeling well= 15

Fell ill= November 2017

Felt 100% better= May 2019

If you have any queries pop me a message, happy to help if I can

Chris x

very good post mate best of luck

Great post will give hope to many👍👍👍

Superb ! Very encouraging for many I'm sure xx

Peeps7 in reply to Chris-harris

Wow. what an excellent post Chris and huge congratulations for putting up such an extraordinary fight against all the odds. Very impressive!

Thanks that does give me hope. Amazing to here a good story.

Hi Claire, my hubby was diagnosed with cirrhosis last year 2018-19, had ascites, swollen legs, praise God he hasn't had a paracentesis done since July. He has good n bad days, 2019 he was in n out of the hospital n rehab on 3 occasions. He's been doing good! So, I'm hoping your dad will get better like my hubby. I give my hubby milk thistle pills EVERY DAY, maybe u should try that with ur daddy.

God is good, praying ur dad gets better ❤

Thanks it really helps to get some good stories. It feels like a never ending road at the moment.

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