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Fatty liver

Hi. Thank you to you all for your support and comments . I don,t drink so my fatty liver is not down to that. In anser to were i live, i live in Nottingham. When i saw my GP for the first time after the scan she said she was writing to the specialist to ask what they wanted to do, but when i saw her the 2nd time she said she have phoned the radiographer for her opinion the radiographer said it was just an age thing, so

I don,t think she is going to write to the specialist. Surely a Radiographer is not the person to ask about my fatty liver she is not a specialist. I am not happy with the way my GP is dealing with this but im not a strong person to go to ask her to do more, when i told her i did a search on my laptop she just glaired at me i don,t think she liked it but never said a word

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There is no magic pill cure for fatty liver. Most doctors will suggest you look at your diet and make changes to that and take exercise and then get your bloods re tested after a few months.


I am already on a low fat diet have been for years due to having high colestrol


'Fatty liver' (or Non alcoholic related fatty liver disease NAFLD) is because of fat deposits in the liver, not because you eat fatty foods. Confusing I know. Lots of things cause NAFLD including, unfortunately for you, having too much cholesterol and triglyceride in your blood.

The advice from the British Liver Trust on nutrition to reduce NAFLD includes:

taking regular exercise, such as walking or swimming

eating plenty of fruit and vegetables

eating slow-release energy foods,

avoiding refined sugars and saturated fats – as in chocolate, cakes and biscuits.

if necessary, slowly reducing your weight to a healthy level for your build and age, and keeping it there.

Good luck


Bolly is right. All you are told is not to drink. Keep any weight problems under control exercise, maybe look at any medications which could affect the liver, and keep a check on any further blood tests and the hardest of all is try not to worry.

You did make me smile when you said you had been on your laptop to the Doctor. Best wishers, and take care.


How funny... Not happy cause you did your research on the Web.. But when I saw my consultant she was on Google checking out my issues lol.. Doctors sometimes have no clue ;)

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