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Diagnosed with Alcoholic Fatty Liver


Hey all,

I had an ultrasound in response to a couple of abnormal LFTs today, the latest with everything being normal except an ALT of 112. I do drink a lot and have cut down significantly during these health investigations.

The sonographer described what he was seeing as he did his work. He was chatting to me about my work and my joking ambition to get to Hollywood. At this point he said, 'well, you have a Hollywood liver!' He elaborated by saying it's fatty. He explained what I already knew, that fatty liver is reversible. I pried due to his openness so at the end he said he'd put it into categories: normal, fatty, and cirrhotic. He said he'd put me on fatty. Elaborating, he said he expects the ALT rise is due to fatty liver. He added he did not see anything 'sinister' when I asked about scarring, cirrhosis, and cancer. He concluded by suggesting that I prepare for my GP to give me a telling off, and to go see her non-urgently in a few weeks to chat about next steps.

I know he's the medical professional, and I've certainly cut back significantly in the last few months, but what do you guys think about this diagnosis? Very discouraging or should I be encouraged? In many ways a no brainer for someone who drinks a lot?



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Hi KR. It is a no brainer. You need to stop drinking if you have any hope of reversing your fatty liver. To maintain that healthy liver you must avoid alcohol completely. It's no good saying I'll just have 1 or 2 now and again as you are now susceptible to a recurrence of fatty liver which could rapidly become cirrhosis which is incurable but manageable with healthy diet, exercise and no alcohol.

This is your wake up call so please nip it in the bud now before its too late, you become adicted and risk shortening your life substantially.

No one needs alcohol to have a good time, we all just need long healthy happy lives.

Good luck x

Paulio in reply to Hidden

Hear! Hear! I 2nd that.

If I were you I'd take this as a warning and stop drinking. I was told that "I had fatty liver but so do half the population" by the sonographer a couple of years ago. I don't drink but could do with losing a couple of stone and I now have cirrhosis.

Hi, Fatty Liver is reversible, but you need to change your lifestyle immediately. The progress of liver disease will be fatty (reversible), fibrotic (stiffening, which is manageable), then Cirrhotic (Irreversible) a cirrhotic Liver is also the perfect breeding ground for cancer. I know because I am that soldier. Having drank alcoholically for 25 years, I finally stopped in October 2002 and haven’t had a drink since. My liver problems began many years later and was diagnosed with NASH cirrhosis. This stands for Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitus, caused by a fatty liver. I also had Liver Cancer and underwent a resection to remove the offending tumour. 12 months later the cancer returned and I was put on the transplant list. My transplant was aborted whilst in theatre due to a massive haemorrhage and I was transfused with 25 pints of blood and my family were told death was imminent. This all happened in November 2016 so I am approaching the 2 year anniversary of this traumatic event, still with my old diseased liver, still with cancer, but looking and feeling better than I have for many years. My bloods are very close to normal, and I go in and have embolisations about every 3 months to keep any tumour growth in check. Why am I still here, I firmly believe that not drinking alcohol and changing my diet have had a major effect on my overall health. Early diagnosis also played a huge part in dealing with my problem. It is outside my powers to make you do anything, but stopping drinking completely and changing your diet will do nothing but help you. I stopped because I was losing everything that was dear to me, family and friends. The fact that I now believe that decision has also helped me stay alive to enjoy the same family and friends along with a growing brood of grandkids, makes me feel like a lottery winner. I didn’t even have to buy a ticket, I just had to stop drinking. Whatever you decide to be your path, good luck, but please remember this is not a dress rehearsal, when it’s over, it’s really over.



Ray has said it all ! He's been through the hell that alcohol creates, he's adopted a healthier way of life but still dealing with ill health. My husband wasn't so fortunate and died at just 54 from cirrhosis, kidney failure and bronco pneumonia thanks to alcohol. Who needs it & why ? You may as well drink arsenic !!

I think you already know the answer,I can’t add any more except life actually improves once you stop drinking.just think you can drive anytime night or day,feel loads livelier and mornings without hangovers are great.i have really bad cirrhosis,constantly tired,memory goes and some confusion,wish I had stopped sooner,but three years without and even with the irreversible damage still enjoy a happy life.do it!

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