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Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as you can be. I sent this post earlier but have PC problems. Had a night in critical care after phoning the out of hours GP service due to a huge hard tummy and breathing problems. the out of hours doctor told me to phone 999 which I did reluctantly. After arriving at hospital an hour and a halves journey from home (two ambulances)I had 3 litres of urine drained by catheter, chest x ray and stomach x ray and was told my bladder was close to rupture. I self discharged due to personal issues as I wasnt given my daily meds and was just left stuck to machines and a Friday night in CCu is chaotic. Feel sorry for myself as if I had family I would have stayed in hospital for the duration. I have told my GP and hepatologist over and over again that I have difficulty in passing urine but they dont seem to be interested. Hopefully I may get a referal to a urologist but I just wait. My bladder scan was off the rictorscale and the bag was full within mins. Feel exhausted after whole experience and its knocked me back big time just when I thought I had turned a corner

Lots of best wishes


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  • Oh Julie! That sounds awful! Whilst I haven't had the same physical problem, I have become s regular at the local hospital for cholecystitis and feel your pain regarding the meds. It is hugely frustrating, insulting and insensitive that they take away your control of your own medications. I have become very assertive now and take my supply in with me and insist on doing my own- there is a waiver that you can sign to say you will administer your own medication. I got particularly angry when my insulin and blood sugar minute were taken from me leaving me unable to eat!

    I hope that you recover soon and that full investigations are done- make sure to keep nagging if it doesn't- I know you shouldn't have to but sometimes it is necessary!

    Best wishes

    Jenni 😊

  • This sounds horrendous! I think it would have been better for you to stay in Hospital however; you should demand to see a Urologist; tell your GP you want an urgent referral; that way you could get to see one within probably 2 weeks. (that's what would happen in London) Or, change GP. You shouldn't have to put up with this..its ridiculous; no matter what the cause of your cirrhosis....there is obviously something else going on too...that needs urgent investigation. Are the hospitals and services crap in Wales? It looks like it!

  • in answer to are the services and hospitals crap in Wales - the answer is a very clear YES in our local hospital in St Asaph (Glan Clwyd) is now in special measures, and for a good reason.

    In Wales you have to take charge. Difficult if you are in a state / unwell of course, in which case you need someone with you to advocate.

  • Hi, live in Powys....not good when you rely on complex services. In the same boat as you I think.


  • 😘😘 so sorry for you 😥😥 I don't know of your 'story' - but the 'nurse' in me is very concerned that you self discharged !!!! In the nicest way possible - did they consider HE at all ?? Before allowing you to leave ?? - I know how concerning it is when you can't have meds when you normally have them but they have to look into 'if' any of meds are causing your problems - which is why they can't just give them to you - also legally they have to be prescribed 😘😘😘 unfortunately you should be in the hospital (especially because of the time it takes to get there) - you obviously are having problems with bladder - which I suspect may happen again - and unless you are able to self-catheterise - what will you do ?? I am worried for you and hope that you may reconsider and get yourself back to hospital ASAP xxxx please 😘😘😘😘 patients never get put into 'ccu/Itu/hdu' without good reason xxxx good luck Hun and please reconsider ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You poor thing!! I would imagine that's painful as well as distressing! Isn't your bladder filling up again now? Really hope you get the medical attention you need soon! hugs xx

  • I think you seriously need to think about getting back to hospital. Do you mean they took your melds off you and administered them to you? Or did they stop giving them you? If the first then that's just how it works in hospital, if the second I'm sure they had good reason.

    If the ward was chaotic they're not going to spend time convincing you to stay especially if you're not complying. But the problem is that when you sign out you are responsible for yourself. Surely no personal matter can be more important than your health, especially something like you described.

  • I agree, I have to take SSRI's for fibromyalgia which have awful withdrawal symptoms but they had to be stopped as my liver was so sick I started to go into liver failure. They even had to limit my pain relief at one point which was awful but necessary for me to recover. They don't stop meds for no reason, and you can ask why rather than put yourself in danger by leaving.

  • Julie

    Are you in Wales ? (a following post made reference to services in Wales) if so where abouts?

    I am in North Wales, Glan Clwyd is my home hospital. It is extremley poor. You have to take charge and NOT let them mis treat you!!

    Good luck, hope things start to get better.


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