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My Story

Firstly I wanted to thank you all as I read this daily and have learnt a lot .

Drinking too much for several years . ALT 148 and AST 70.

CT normal so stressed I pushed for biopsy although my specialist didn't really want to. I also had liver pain


Minimal inflammation , no fibrosis or ciroshsis .

My ALT and AST is now 96 and 60 respectively .

So I think I'm one of the lucky ones and in time my liver will repair .

I never want to touch a drop of alcohol again haven't drank since January .

Hope by sharing this it helps someone

X x

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I do know I still have a way to go but I'm hopefully on the right track .


Well done!

Yes definitely. It looks like you came to your senses just in time. Those results indicate that the alcohol had started to have an effect on your liver but that you've caught it in time for it to completely repair and regenerate now that you've taken the alcohol out of the equation.

You may still have some fatty liver which the alcohol accelerated so do be careful you don't continue that process by coming off the alcohol but then eating badly and not exercising - people sometimes do without realising.

Other than that I'm very pleased for you. Stay strong and do your damnedest - if not for you then those of us who don't always have the chance.



Thank you . Your knowledge of the liver is truly amazing .

Thank you for taking time to reply to people x


Well done for stopping drinking. Your liver sounds as though it is in the mend.


Your liver will thank you for the abstinence :)


I know it does feel sore but I'm hoping that will go x


Keep going been dry for over ten years now it does get better.


Well done that's amazing . Can I ask your story x


Well done to you!

Thank you for sharing . x


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