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New prescription laws for dieticians, Paramedics, radiographers and Orthoptists

In case anybody is interested, I attended an NHS England event last week to announce proposals for new laws to give greater powers to the above Allied Health Professionals to prescribe drugs to their patients. For example it might allow a dietician to prescribe dietary supplements like Fortisip direct to a patient or an Orthoptist to prescribe eye-drops without the need for it to be signed off by a doctor. It might also allow paramedics to prescribe specific pain relief at point of care (though none of the above would be allowed to prescribe medications that did not fall directly within their proffessional competency) The regulations for who would qualify are quite strict too as they need to already be registered and practicing at an advanced level. All the detailed summaries are listed online at and if you have any comments or responses to the preposals (perhaps you have had an experience where having to wait for a prescription to be siigned off was a problem or you are worried about this new freedom to prescribe) you can also take part in the online consultation at the same website.

This is your chance to have your voice as a patient heard on a potentially important issue. The consultation on the new powers for Radiographers and Paramedics close on May 22nd and the consultation for Dieticians and Orthoptists closes on April 24th so if you do want to be involved you might have to be quick.

Thanks very much and don't hesitate to post questions if you arent clear. I'll do my best to help.


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