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Approach to risk in liver and lung transplantation - NHSBT a call for your thoughts

Please could you help by spending 5 minutes to complete a survey.

We are taking forward work to explore how NHSBT can help patients and their

families reach their decisions about risks associated with the use of organs for


We would like to get the views of as many people as possible, including patients who

may need a transplant, who are awaiting a transplant or who have had a transplant

along with their families and friends. To make the survey manageable, we have

focussed on just lung and liver transplants.

The survey is available on-line at: We

would be grateful if you could have a look and ask your friends and family members if

they too would be prepared to complete the survey. If possible, we would ask that

you complete the survey by Sunday 5th October 2014.

We are grateful to Martine Walmsley, Chair of the Liver Patients Support Consortium

and Nick Medhurst of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for their help in developing the survey.

If, when completing the survey, you provide your e-mail address then we will send

you the analysis of the survey.

The results will also be made available on our website (

Many thanks for your help,

NHS Blood and Transplant

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Link doesn't work for me I'm afraid


Hi I can't get on the site through the link either


Hi I can't get on the site through the link either


I have tried the above link which does not work. However, this does:


Please complete this very helpful survey.


I cannot get the link on either the original or Mikes link


Hi ive tried the link and the one mike8702 suggested neither work unfortunately


Nor me lol


The survey link is on the main British Liver Trust Website, it appears in rotation along with other stories so might not be there when you first get to the home page - wait a few seconds and it does roll round. I completed the survey a week or two ago and it was working then, now I get a message thanking me for taking the survey so I can't check if the link is still active. BLT homepage at -

Katie :)


Good Afternoon,

I am really sorry, this link should work:

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Kind Regards

Sandy Forsyth


I have already reported that the link does not work.


The due date has passed it is now Oct 5 2016 the link you sent does not work it gives a error in the server message ???? I am in no need of a transplant as I am compensated and in good health, I am grateful that the good Lord has protected me thus far and have Faith that xe will continue to care for me.

Regards - FisherKing 1


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