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Thanksgiving service at Ely Cathedral to honour East Anglian organ donors and their families

I am so pleaased to be attending this service on May 15th. Over 1000 people gather in the iconic Ely Cathedral to honour the lives of thise people who have donated organs and allowed others to carry on living when all hope seemed lost. My Mum's life was saved by a donor at Addenbrookes four years ago and I am so grateful for the chance to attend this beautiful event and and show my love and respect for those people and their families who have given the gift of life to so many.

Transplantation is often the last resort for many people like my Mum with advanced liver disease and I know that many of you may have gone through similar situations and feelings as me. If any of you would also like to attend here are the details -

For additional information please contact NHSBT press office on 0117 969 2444 or

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