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NASH and Fructose/High Fructose Corn Syrup

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas. I have a question or two regarding a diet that is helpful for NASH. I recently read that fructose and high fructose corn syrup can increase NASH progression. I confessed on here that since November, I have been sneaking a lot of cookies. It's sometimes SO hard for me because my husband and two daughters have the WORST eating habits and we have cookies, chips, junk, junk, junk ALL over the house. I let loose about 6 weeks back and started having a cookie or two in the evenings. They next thing I knew, I was having a cookie or 10 in the evenings. I also got a little lax and have eaten what I thought were some of the more healthy processed foods. I kept everything else in my diet healthy and natural. So, I just happened to read an article about how damaging fructose and HFCS can be for those with NASH. I looked at the labels of what I've been eating last night, and the two main things were LOADED with fructose and/or HFCS. I have totally stopped eating those things as of yesterday and am back on a TOTALLY natural diet. I have only gained about 3 pounds over the holidays, but still, am concerned over the damage I may have caused over the last couple of months. If I did, is it reversible as long as I go back to excluding those items from my diet? I am so mad at myself. I had so much will power when I was losing 60 pounds, but got there and enzymes regulated and I think I got a little less nervous and splurged too much. I've written about that on here, but did not know about the fructose. I hope I haven't done anything that can't be reversed or caused major scaring over the past 2 months. I would really appreciate someone writing me back with your knowledge of this issue. Thank you so much! Now, it's off to the treadmill!


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Just a suggestion that may help you and face you in the right direction. If you can you access a copy , perhaps at your local library, of the book Dr.Melissa Palmer's "Guide to Hepatitis Liver Disease-What You Need to Know" it may provide you with all the information you are seeking.

As I understand it Dr Melissa Palmer is a well established USA Hepatologist and liver disease consultant.

The Guide devotes several pages of informative and easy to understand information about Fatty liver (and NASH ( seems there is a difference both in effects and causes and that whereas the former may be benign the latter is more serious and has the potential to lead to cirrhosis) as well as guidance on treatment and dietary changes that may be necessary and of course recommendations regarding regular exercise.

As I say a book that is in my view well worth viewing

Good luck in your search for information about the medical condition you have



Thanks so much, findasolution!

I am willing to go to whatever resource is out there to take care of my liver and my overall health. The funny thing is that going off of a medication that can potentially toxic to the liver, along with losing weight, exercising and eating well (with the exception of the holiday cookies!!!!), the two enzymes that were up, came down to normal within about 7 weeks and have been normal every since....I get tested again soon, but were as low as they could go in November. Four doctors have said I was probably misdiagnosed as I never had a biopsy and also, because the enzymes improved themselves so quickly. The diagnosing doctor, my PCP who I love, admits now that she was probably wrong too. Unfortunately, without a biopsy, which they don't want to do unless it's absolutely necessary, was never done. Since everything is normal again, nobody would even consider a biopsy.

Being a nervous person, it drives me bonkers that I will never know if I have NASH or just fatty liver. (Hopefully neither now, after losing 60 pounds and continuing to live a healthy lifestyle!) I think not being given an absolute YES or NO has driven me crazy and thus, if I do splurge on certain foods or miss my exercise, I wonder if I could be causing stress to my liver. ARG!!! The never ending saga of Robin, the Nervous Nellie!!

Thanks again for thinking of me and for responding to me! I will definitely check into the book. I wonder if I might be able to find it as a "computer book" through Barnes and Noble. I have found several other that way.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of the holidays and have a wonderful beginning to 2015. Thank you again for reaching out to me!



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