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Intermediate fasting heart arrhythmias nash merry christmas

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Merry Christmas to everyone so intermediate fasting that means eating a good big meal and a good evening dinner from 2 to 6 and fasting till the next day for let's say 20 hours I heard a lot of good stuff about it and it's supposed to be very good for the liver if you have fatty liver cos it burns the fat in the tummy area and it's really not starving what do you guys think any suggestions.? I mean after all it seems to be the only treatment for nash anyone else turned his liver back to normal like a little baby?? Or is it just a myth not to give up hope and another questions other people here who have heart arrhythmias due to fatty liver and what can you do a doctor told me if I really want I could get a epu i don't really know the name in English its where they threat the arrhythmias of the heart with a khatheter if that makes sense? Anyone been thru that I mean one doctor said I should get it done other one said there's is no really need but I'm fighting with dizziness and pain in the heart area low blood pressure and its drivin me insane thank you guys for your suggestions

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I did a low carb diet earlier this year and quite often fasted for several hours. I lost 35lb in three months and then was diagnosed with cirrhosis. My hepatologist was horrified by the fast weight loss and told me that it streeses the liver and I should never fast.

I also have SVT which is a fast irregular heartbeat which is uncomfortable but not unbearable. I was offered an ablation which is when they burn away the overactive part of the heart...I declined it. Deb

Thx for your input You might be right I already lost about 40lb 2 years ago with my other diet and right about then my liver problems started coincidence? I think not I just don't know I mean right now my BMI is just right and there's is not that much weight to lose anymore only on my tummy area and that's the hardest part because I want to get rid of the fat in my liver I'll give it a try I mean what do I have to lose I want to get those damn gamma gt down wich is always about 200 i wanna stop the inflammation there is no real treatment anyway besides a transplant 🤔don't wanna be too depressing I just feel like it's a race against time and I have to do something. and about the heart thing there is my problem I read somewhere that when the liver is enlarged it puts pressure on the heart and that might be the reason for those arrhythmias my theory but the doctors only see it one dimensional the heart as a totally separate organ like it has nothing to do with the liver

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I have a massive amount of weight too lose. I was denied wls. After researching, it seems to at least get my bulk off, keto and intermittent fasting is the easiest, quickest way to get to a healthier weight. I have FL. God forbid that fasting would progress this?! I don't have a liver Dr, or any Dr yet and have to listen to YouTube gurus and etc.

I'm losing weight. I feel better. My ruq pain is gone, my digestive pain is better. One person says IF is horrible, another says is extracts fat from the liver. Does anybody know the truth? Help!

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And AUTOPHAGY is scientifically proven to be very good for our bodies.

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Dr berg. says it extracts fat from the liver ??!!🤣 haha same here drives me nuts ? Everybody says something different I tend to believe dr berg because I don't know .... he seems nice and smart

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