Alcohol allergy??

I recently recovered from abnormal liver function with extremely high ALT and inflammation markers. I was very ill for approx 8 months but am now back at work and feeling better. My specialist could find no underlying reasons for illness, after various scans, complete blood tests etc and suggested it may have been a viral infection that attacked my liver? My problem now seems a small one but I appear to be showing symptoms of alcohol allergy - within 15 mins of drinking alcohol I develop extreme flushing on the face and chest, my sinus gets congested and I get a severe headache. I know the simple thing would be not to drink again but wondered whether anyone had any experience of this? I suppose the next step should be back to the docs for more blood tests but don't know if I could face all that again!

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  • I have known someone who was allergic to some types of Wine; whatever drink you were drinking (brand etc too), id certainly suggest you don't drink it again (what alcoholic drink was it? ) and i agree, you should go back to the doctor ; its a drag, but worth checking it out i think.

  • The answer is YES. I have alcohol allergy apart from many other allergies and intolerances. I cannot even have communion wine which is unfertmented grape juice. It can be the mould on the outside of the grapes but will never know. You may not be able to have Chritmas pudding with alcohol in it nor yeast. The only way really is to have a tiny amount of pudding and check to see what happens. Don't eat a big spoonful till you are sure it is OK. I am now 72 and the problems started when I was three when I pinched a small amount of my father's home made wine.

  • Can I ask what your ALT level was ? Mine peaked at 990 and I was diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis about 6 months ago,i never drank alcohol and very rarely took even a paracetamol,was just very unlucky apparently !!! My personal advice would be to avoid all alcohol if you have any liver problems,we can survive without alcohol but not without a liver !!

  • I've only tried different brands of Rose wine as I thought that would be better for me than spirits! My ALT reached around 600 at my worst. I will see how I go over the festive period and if the symptoms continue I'll maybe visit my doctor, just to rule out anything else.

  • Stop taking alcohol, as it seems the obvious cause...

  • Stop taking alcohol, as it seems the obvious cause...

  • Stop taking alcohol, as it seems the obvious cause...

  • Those side effects sound unpleasant. I would avoid alcohol, there are plenty of non alcoholic alternatives and your body will thank you for it!

  • The Liver may take years to heal properly, by the sound of things your illness was pretty serious. I should think you will have to be extra careful from now on, eat healthy, light exercise and no alcohol at all, your liver may well have developed sensitivity to it and other toxins. Did they do a Fibroscan to check for any possible scarring? Getting your Liver Function tests back to normal doesnt show the whole picture. I would go back to the doctors if I were you, Im also surprised they didn't discuss life style with you before discharging you.

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