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I have been diagnosed with pbc 6 months ago my itching has come and gone but is back now very bad. It's strictly directed to my right arm but I'm wondering if anyone ekae who has experienced this itch has broken out in bumps along with the itching. My arm where it is itchy is red and very bumpy. Looks like I had an allergic reaction to sonethibg but it's just that area.

I appreciate all comments and help because I'm slowly going in sane with the itch.

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Hey Jen - know how you feel - I have the itch at the moment! Over the years I have had it several times - sometimes all over, sometimes just one leg and this time in patches but mostly my back! And yes I do have bumps - some say the bumps come because of the scratching but I'm not sure. Cholestyramine helps me somewhat but not everyone - have you tried this? Otherwise I do use a cortisone cream which helps marginally - and yes it feels like you could go insane with it especially when people tell you to try not to scratch! X


Hi wendy29

I just started with the cholestyramine last night. I'm hoping it works. How often do u take it?? How much per day. My gastro just gsve me samples to try before I get prescription It's very gritty but I'll take anything right now to help with the itch. And I do use cortisone which like u helps very minimally.

Nothing worse than itching

I'm usibg gold bond cream as well and wondering if I'm hsving a reaction to that or if the redness and bumps are from me scratching although I haven't scratched since Monday night and it's wednesday. Maybe just the heavy scratching I did.

I'm going crazy with itch I try to do things to take my mind off of it but it's hard. It's itching all the time now. Worse in night and takes everything in me to not scratch


I don't find it gritty - I mix it with water, stir and leave it for a minute - it's not too bad. Make sure you have the Questran Light - not so heavy. I try to get two sachets in a day - I take my Budesonide in the morning early so I leave it a good two hours later as I don't want to stop the absorption of that medication and the last one several hours before bed when I take other medication that I don't want it to interfere with. The first time I took it I was told it would take at least three weeks to start working but I honestly think I felt a difference after four or five days. Good luck.



I hope It works for me. The sooner the better.



Yep...just see your gp. Use a special cream to soothe itching. There are a steroid cream, and various moistuerisers your gp can prescribe. Also antihistamines...


Are you on Ursodeoxycholic acid to control the bile acids which cause the itching, most people with PBC are.


Yes I'm on urso. Have been since being diagnosed


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