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nafld and atrial fibrillation

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can someone help me regarding what I can and cannot eat and not cause either my liver or heart more trouble. was diagnosed with A.F. 3 years ago and taking warfarin and bisoprolol NAFLD 6months with no medication prescribed. I scan these pages and read that others have a consultant and EP etc. but I have neither, the liver disease was discovered when I kept getting severe pain in the rib area and practically forced my GP to arrange a scan, the same with AF have finger prick blood test monthly but no further ECG and again no consultant whom I can ask for advice, is there anyone who has nafld and AF who can help me with an eating plan, the trouble is the food that's good for the liver is more or less what's bad for the AF. I don't want to sound like a whinger but I'm bored with porridge, fried, greasy, spicy creamy, in fact anything that is tasty and interesting causes bad pain, so any help would be gratefully appreciated. thank you for taking the time to read this

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It sounds as if you have a less than helpful relationship with your GP and making a change would be a good first step to resolving your issues. Given two major conditions, you should have been referred to specialists before now. Mike

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Thank you Mike 8702 for your reply, I am going to make an appointment to see the GP and get him to refer me, I never even thought to do that, I am 75 years and a lot of people in my age group tend to defer and respect perhaps a little too much, and consequently get overlooked. thank you again for your interest and advice

Hi i

I don't know what AF is but I do have fatty liver disease and cirrohiss, I eat very plainly really dreaded porridge but made this way is really nice, porridge made with water then 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt fresh or frozen berries, and a handful of walnuts on top really healthy, eggs boiled scrambled, or omelette with wholewheat toast no butter, fish veg couple new boiled potatoes or jacket with tuna salad meat veg or brown rice loads veg, avocados 1 weekly, brown pasta with sauce, to be honest anything that is brown healthy, oatcakes with humous as a snack and of course fruit, but really its no harm now and again if you go to a restaurant to let your hair down as long as you get back on track next day, I know to lose weight is the best way to help NAFLD I hope this may help you all the best with your health. Annette

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Hello angse, thank you for replying to my post, I am sorry that you have liver disease but am sure you are doing all you can to stay fit. I am really impressed with your food plan ( I hate the word diet ) I am grossly overweight, have been big all my life but at my age (75 ) I am still willing to try but not very hopeful of losing weight. Some 20 years ago I had an operation to reduce the size of my stomach so some of your food suggestions I cannot digest, even after all this time, but there is still quite a bit of it that I can eat, I love the recipe for the porridge, yummy.

AF Atrial Fibrillation is a heart problem, its an arrhythmia anyway the result is it makes you more prone to strokes and heart attacks, at least that's what I've been told.

Thanks again for your help take care. Kathleen

Hi katyjane, Cant advise re the Atrial fibrillation as this is a liver forum, but someone should be monitoring your bloods if you are on warfarin - do you go to the docs to have the levels checked or do District Nurses come to you. NICE recommend a 'care package' like this that includes:

1) stroke awareness and measures to prevent stroke

2) who to contact for advice if needed

3) psychological support if needed

4) up-to-date and comprehensive education and information on:

cause, effects and possible complications of atrial fibrillation

management of rate and rhythm control


practical advice on anticoagulation in line with information for patients in the NICE pathway on venous thromboembolism

support networks (for example, cardiovascular charities).

If you dont have this from your GP, ask for it. If they refuse, change GP

Re the NAFLD, there is no magic pill for this and the treatment is up to you, ie its about educating yourself on the condition and making diet and lifestyle changes. Unless of course your NAFLD has been caused by something like diabetes, in which case a diabetic clinic/nurse is your next port of call.

Re the list of foods in your post: - absolutely stay away from the fried, greasy, spicy and creamy. TBH they are not good for anybody, with or without liver damage or a heart problem!. Here is a link to the British Liver Trust guidance on nutrition, - lots of advice and you will see you can eat more than just porridge!

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Bolly thank you so much for your informative reply to my post. First I will be getting an appointment with my GP asap, and will try and sort out the Nice care package with him, also I do attend the arrhythmia clinic for the finger prick INR test. About the list of naughty but nice foods in my post, I can't eat them Bolly, if I do I suffer excruciating pain under my ribs, and when it eventually subsides my chest feels like a herd of horses have stampeded over me, that's why I eat porridge at least twice a day, thankfully angse has given me a few pointers. And now thanks to you I will use the link in your reply, I have tried to educate myself via the internet, I ended up with info overload and realised that nothing was sinking in, its probably age related with me.

Thank you again for your interesting reply. Keep well


Mr Google can make life confusing Katy. For the liver/Nafld I really would advise sticking with the information leaflets the British Liver Trust publish (you can download them from free off their website), and stick with using the BLT website for your basic info. Too much overload of information from different sources will just make you worried!

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