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Newly diagnosed with NAFLD

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Thank you for allowing me into the forum. I have been told today that I have NAFLD and I am in shock and also concerned. I appreciate that it can be because I am a little overweight and I am working on losing this, and have been since January this year. I eat a predominantly healthy diet, don’t eat processed foods, fry food I don’t drink much alcohol at all etc so I am reeling a little with the diagnosis.

I have been getting pain in my right arm/shoulder/back and have a lot of fatigue and I was originally sent to the rheumatologist and checked for arthritis. I am concerned as this has been going on for almost 18 months now so I wonder what damage have I done whilst I wasn’t aware there was a problem with my liver.

I have read up on the condition but I’m unsure of how bad this is for me. Sorry if that sounds silly, but whilst some sites say it’s not serious and can be managed through diet and exercise etc (which is fab) others say it can cause heart problems etc and I have already had a TIA almost 3 yrs ago.

Any advice I can get I appreciate as I don’t see my GP until Tuesday for a definitive diagnosis. ( The HCA told me today when she was drawing bloods for a further LFT) which I know that she shouldn’t have, but I’m pleased in a way she did so I can start the process of trying to put things right with diet etc.

Thanks in advance.

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A good source of information would be the British Liver Trust page on NAFLD.


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Hi Katie,

Thank you for the link. I had read this, however I found reading the stories very interesting and I’m not as ‘scared’ now.


Nothing sounds silly, don’t apologise. If you look back on posts most people come here with the same feeling as you, me included. All of a sudden you read (google can be your friend or the devil) and there is so much information to take in when you are still reeling from a diagnosis. Try your best not to worry too much until you get your checks on Tuesday. In the meantime you liver is asking for some help so keep up with the healthy eating and try your best to abstain from the alcohol until your doctor advises you more. All the best and please update us.

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Well said!

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Thanks. I don’t really drink so that won’t be a problem thankfully. I’m eating healthily so hopefully as you said that will be the best way forward.

Scary times as this was one thing I never thought I’d have issues with. Goes to show how much I know haha.


Similar situation to me I also gave NAFLD and have always tried to stay healthy and hardly drink at all. I've had loads of tests over the years and also have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, more recently my liver became inflamed so was referred to gastroenterology but now been referred to a Lipid clinic because my GP thinks I have a genetic high cholesterol issue Familial Hypercholestremia which has probably caused the NAFLD. So nothing Icould have done about it, seems like I've been fighting genetics. My sister and brother also have the same but their livers are fine but they do have heart problems.

Hi, the healthy eating and exercise will work but it takes time so try not go for any fad diets or quick weight loss as that can make it worse plus it needs to be sustainable. As time goes on your LFTs should improve as a result, tell your Doctor what you are doing, mine keeps an eye on me with regard to my weight and regular blood tests.

Don’t google- I did and wish I hadn’t as it just completely freaked me out.

All the best and fingers crossed for you!


Thanks everyone. You’ve put my mind at ease and it’s good to know I’m not alone in this. I’ll wait and see what my GP says on Tuesday and go from there. Keep my diet healthy and no alcohol for me 😌


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