Mild nafld and kidneys?

Hi all I had blood test which flagged up something wrong with my liver , had more blood tests and a scan . After waiting and ringing the doctors for 4 weeks for results no news, my husband had a diabetic appointment at the drs and he mentioned that I had been waiting 4 weeks for news. The doctor managed to get my results up , not only got mild nafld but news to me I have got prominent renal sinus fat and mild cortical thinning . I asked the dr what do I do next and he said nothing , don't really know what to do now do I ignore him and see another doctor or what , what if it gets worse and it's too late to do anything , I know I can with a diet I can get the liver back but what about the kidneys . Thank you for reading and your help

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  • Hiya Christine. If i was you i would speak to a different doctor. This is your health and life not his. Easy for him to say do nothing. Doesn't sit well with me at all. Good luck 🍀 pls keep us posted x

  • Hi I spoke to the doctor who started the ball rolling and he wants to see me . Appointment won't be till the 6th of Dec but at least he wants to see me , my second lot of blood results was one of the tests went down and the other raised . He wants to investigate more into it now , hopefully he gets this sorted out . X thanks for reading

  • fingers crossed for you. At least now they are on to it. Please keep us updated. Good luck 🍀

  • Ask to be referred to a specialist, not another general practitioner. Good luck x

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