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Unfair treatm ty tent for geno type1 4 5 6

I have just read that Nice have recomended the new non interferon. treatment for hep c that we all have been waiting for...the shock is that they are not treating geno type 4 with the new drugs while most other geno types get treated...i have cirhossis and failed on interferon after 48wks of treatment. i was put on the waiting list for the new treatment only to find out that they are treating most people even without cirhossis exept geno type 1. 4 5 and 6 despite these genotypes responding to the new drugs in the same way as other geno types leaving people left un treated while others that dont have advarnced. di sease being given the new drugs leaving people like me with no treatment how can Nice justify this and why?

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Hi 226 and sorry to hear your disappointment. A while ago I went to a talk to a Hep C support group in the UK given by a respected hepatologist and they explained one problem in his clinic was budget restrictions within the NHS, so in many cases its not just Genotype differences that suit different drugs but that there is not a big enough budget in some NHS hospital departments to treat everyone that presents with Hep C. I don't know what the solution is I'm afraid, but guess that's why some non-responders or relapsers go on drug trials so that they can at least get some treatment even if its one without a track record.


Thanks Bolly found out it is all about cost they know that the drug works for all geno types but for some reason saying that there is not enough data on certain geno types i know that they have studied all geno types at 12wks treatment and all have had very high success rates well above interferon...some of the geno types that are not recomended to be treated have cirrhosis and can't take interferon based treatment so what options do they have when people with less severe disease are being treated there this has to be taken into account at the next meeting in september as to how these patients are to be treated if they have severe liver disease and can't take interferon has to be fair for severe disease to be treated first regardless


Sed6s Se no anssers for you, but i feel yoursyour pain, cuz, THAT MAKES NO SENSE, just b the squeaky weel and u will get oiled (hopefully)...good luck


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