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new to BLT and HU - question about liver stuff/cirrhosis


hey guys,

no cirrhosis dx yet but i have read a lot online about it and i have suspicions...

so far had a high bilirubin in bloodwork, ultrasound was fine.

i dont have a hepa guy but i have an internal medicine guy who keeps reassuring me i dont have cirrhosis. he wont send me for a biopsy.

i live in canada, my question is, are there any reliable alternatives to a biopsy to confirm or rule out cirrhosis? i had a fibroscan which came back normal, but i read about a story of one lady with cirrhosis who had a normal scan so kinda worried now (anyone else had one be accurate?)

thanks a lot and hope everyone is well

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As far as I am aware cirrhosis does show up on an Ultrasound.

Believe me they have missed lots of issues with my husband but we did know from the very start that he had cirhhosis.

Good Luck

Hi, agree with carmik cirrhosis should show up on a ultrasound, mine did, quite clearly. And that would be the same for a fibroscan. If you've come back clear on both then I wouldn't worry about it. Can I ask why you think your at risk of cirrhosis. All the best.

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been heavy drinkin for about 5 years am 30 now i guess mostly anxiety and some symptoms i googled like pink nails etc

There are several posts from another chap in Canada in a similar situation to you if you get a second you could look at the replies to him which should tell you everything you need to know. Username is Cthulwhoo I think.

Cirrhosis will show up in ultrasounds. It's completely irrational to demand a biopsy to confirm cirrhosis in the absence of any other indicators. A biopsy is a very small sample of a 3lb organ and in the absence of any other indicators will tell you nothing either way.

Having said that of course if you really want a biopsy I'm sure you could pay to have one done in the USA. 1 in 1000 chance of complications from a biopsy though so of factor that in.


PS - incidentally you do know that even if you somehow do have cirrhosis - which doesn't sound like is the case - all that will happen is that you'll have to stop drinking and wait for bloodwork etc to get significantly worse before anything else happens.

I really cant see why you suspect cirrhosis, when you have normal ultrasound and even more a normal fibroscan??? Fibroscan should be very accurate in diagnosis of cirrhosis!! I think that your anxiety is getting to you!! Quit the sauce and start enjoying your life!!

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