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Decompensated ald / alcholic hepatitis

Hi what can I safely give my husband who has just come out of hospital is still very weak and can't eat or drink much and finds it difficult to take his tablets because his throat is so sore he struggles to swallow tablets and food so enjoys ice cream and ice Lollys which I know it's not going to build him back up Iv tried ginger and lemonade but I was wondering if any one has tried over counter sprays to help him swallow some of the large tablets he is on can't cut them either has they are plastic coated ones for kidneys they deteriorated during admission although now improving , both liver and spleen enlarged still and ascites were drained but still some there just don't want to give him anything that make his symtoms worse thanks guys

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Did you not see a dietician as part of his care plan? My hubby who just had his transplant assessment has been prescribed 'Ensure 2cal' a milky type drink which is loaded with all needed vitamins, minerals and carbs and protein. My hubby has still got a good appetite but he's been given these to try and rebuild lost muscle and to try and bulk him up for transplant. As I say they are on prescription, dietician advised that to make them more palatable he could mix them with ice cream to make a sort of McDonalds style thick ice cream style milkshake.

Katie :)


Another brand is Fortisip by Nutricia. - again recommended by the dietician but prescribed regularly by the GP. They are in either yoghurt style drinks or fruit drinks, labelled as being high in calories and nutritionally complete - various flavours available. My husband has recently passed away with a cancer of the common bile duct and towards the end these were the only ' food' he was taking, except for fluids. He had also experienced difficulty in swallowing large tablets. He preferred the milk shake drinks as the fruit drinks were very sweet. His dietician gave him a sample of many flavours to try and then arranged for the GP to prescribe on a repeat prescription.

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If it is a throat numbing spray you are thinking of trying to ease your husbands discomfort so he can get tablets down, ring your GP or consultant to see if they can recommend anything. That's your safest bet.

I hope he improves soon.

Take care of yourself. X


Thanks guys managed to get numbing spray for throat and yes he's on those drinks to but there only couple of hundred calories they want him on 3000 a day with food as well and more than 3 bloat him up will try them with ice cream tho he only likes the chocolate flavour lol thanks again for advice


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