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Alcohol intolerance

Hi all - looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience. I began having what I think are liver symptoms (Mild itching, fatigue, naseau, RUQ pain) albeit with normal Ultrasound and normal LFT's (Platelets were a little low but have recovered now). I also had fibroscan 6.7 which is a little on the high side I think.

My question though is that I have developed alcohol intolerance which certainly seems to suggest liver damage. I havent had a drink for about 9 months now but the last time I did I felt fine on the night (although didnt feel the normal kind of warm fuzzy feeling from alcohol, just a bit odd) but had the runs the following day along with naseau and itching coming back and renewed RUQ pain.

It seems logical that if your liver is struggling that alcohol intolerance may occur but I didnt feel drunk at all, just weird! Anyone had similar experiences? Im happily completeley sober now but all I can find on alcohol intolerance suggests you get drunk easier. I didnt feel drunk at all!

Also everythings going great really - feel a little fatigued but not that bad and am happily running regularly, often over 10 miles and close to my PB's!

Should also say I drank a bit too much during university years which probably did the damage despite staying within the reccommended safe zone for the past 10!

Any simlar experiences would be greatfully received!

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hi lcarbon, the symptoms you describe used to be called "feeling liverish" so it could be just that your liver is grumbling. regards phil


Hi Phil - thanks for that, I havent heard of that expression and am in the process of looking it up. Sounds spot on though!!


Hi, doesn't sound serious and your fibroscan result isn't high really.

The body has a way of warming us what we need to do - don't know anybody who didnt drink at uni btw. But if you ate worried go discuss your worries with your doctor stress could be the cause of your problems.

Don't take this the wrong way but I hope you don't have to come back to this forum. X


Hi Mrs Merlin, thanks for your reply. I guess most of us were doing similar at Uni! Im sure you are right - a warning signal. In a way its probably a shame that more folk dont get such a warning beofore things get more serious. I wouldnt say Im worried, just interested if anyone had experienced similar in terms of the intolerance bit. Its probably fair to say however that I am regularly stressed with a busy job, upcoming move, 3 littluns and various hobbies. At least it gives me no time to worry!


I had a transplant due to alcoholism. I stopped drinking for 3 years prior to this,mainly due to me accepting my problem,not due to a known condition of liver failure. During this time I could drink as much as a bottle of spirits per day and I did not have any symptoms of alcohol intolerence. You have certainly done the right thing by stopping drinking as,if you eventually do need as transplant you will not receive one until you are proven to have done so. This can be a long process. I wish you the best of good fortune.



I've had exactly those symptoms myself. Due to excessive drinking in my case over a long period. After about 4 -5 months abstinence the alcohol intolerance reversed and back to normal. My ultrasound and liver tests were also all normal but not GGT which was about 180. A sure sign of overdoing it!. By the sounds of it you should be fine-you might want to get the GGTs checked because they are an indication of fatty liver which might be lingering without symptoms. If you're doing regular exercise decent diet and not drinking you should be fine though. I did a post on the alcohol intolerance a year or so back if you're interested. all the best


Many thanks to you both for your replies and thanks Briccolone for the GGT tip off. Im not sure if that was included in my tests - ill have a look. I remember tests being very good though and nothing any where near ULN and good albumin. Looks like the alcohol intolerance thing is one of those things that varies between individuals. I find eating healthily the most difficult to be honest - and by far the most expensive. Even more difficult is convincing the kiddies to eat healthy!!


I'm pretty sure you should be fine by now(after 9 months) most people would say if you don't miss it then don't resume drinking. That would be the best advice. I found even strong coffee would make me feel strange during my intolerance period! as you say everyone reacts differently.


I have cirrhosis of an unknown cause and hardly ever drink, it may be once in a blue moon that I have a small alcoholic drink but whenever I do I always have a runny and blocked nose, a tight chest, constant sneezing and stomach pains. I also seem to be sensitive to the smell i.e. i can smell alcohol even if i am not in the same room. I have tried to look up information on alcohol intolerance and alcohol allergies etc and I have found nothing either! I thought it was just me who got these odd symptoms from alcohol haha!


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