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Hello just had my third set of blood tests while waiting to see the specialist and my ALT remains at 400+ My GP says there's nothing else

she can do from her end now, I'll just have to wait for my specialist appt (been waiting 9 weeks so far) to be honest I actually thought these latest results would show an improvement as I have been having more good days than bad lately and not needing as many naps! I had also weaned myself off the paracetamol which I was convinced was contributing to the high ALT number! My GP says it's probably just that I'm getting that used to feeling tired, I'm coping with it better. I guess it's just a waiting game now? Anyone else in a similar situation?

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Hi had similar in the past but to be fair my gp was not happy with wait and kept phoning them. I waited 5 to 6 months for my appointment. Have you told them you would be willing to take a cancellation at short notice that sometimes speeds things up.


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