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Non (a-e) hep virus, liver transplant 6 weeks ago at 18 weeks pregnant

Hi new to this site. Im 29 and currently 25 weeks pregnant, and from 10 weeks pregnant the midwifes discovered there was something wrong with my liver. Because my Lfts where going up and down they actually thought my liver would repair its which it didnt. So at 18 weeks pregnant i was put on a super transplant list then had the transplant, while my husband was told to prepste the worse. Still cant undestand why this happened to me as i dont drink, smoke or taken drugs. Im obviously grateful im alive and my unborn baby is alive. But the doctors still cant seem to give me an exact answer on the cause apart gtom saying non a-e hepatitis virus has anyone went through this or knows what is a non a-e hepatitis virus is.

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Welcome aboard Laura, hopefully you'll get some answers to your questions. I guess you must have presented as very poorly during your early pregnancy for you to have had a transplant so quickly, a lot of folks on here have or are waiting ages for transplant and are very, very poorly so hopefully having had a transplant you will have a good and healthy future as you've sure been through it having a transplant during pregnancy.

You find yourself in a very familiar predicament in not being a drinker, smoker or drug taker yet still suffering from a liver disorder - my hubby was the same, never doing any of those 'harmful' things and yet 2 years ago he vomitted blood completely out of the blue and we discovered he had cirrhosis. He has had ultra sound scans, countless blood tests and a biopsy (which actually proved inconclusive from the miniscule sample they actually took) he has been told he has had some sort of auto-immune liver infection which had caused the damage. It seems to have done the damage then gone or gone dormant leaving scarring (cirrhosis) and leaving him with portal hypertension and varices. Some hepatitis (just the name for a liver infection) falls outwith the known and identifed a-e hepatitis hence the non a-e diagnosis. Some people never find out an actual name for their condition or reason for it. Perhaps rather than quizzing yourself over it you should now get on with life, concentrate on the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy life with you new baby when he/she arrives.

My hubby is now under the care of the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit but hasn't been assessed for transplant yet and we are just waiting to see what the future holds for us.

All the best,

Katie :)


Hi Laura

It is a shame that they didn't test your liver for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin defiency. That is what caused the unidentifiable Hepatitis, which became cirrhosis and then cancer in my husbands liver. It has to be confirmed with a biopsy but obviously your old liver has now gone. It is a rarely identified liver problem but after transplant you would be covered by the new liver as he is. Therefore if it was that you won't have any fear of it reccurring. Hope this makes you feel better. There are other reasons for liver inflammation for non drinkers and no smokers but most of them don't recur after transplant. Enjoy your baby. But just one word of warning make sure the medics keep there eye very closely on your baby. Now that has happened to you they need to be very aware.

Good Luck


Hi laura30

I wish you well both with the new liver and baby. Wow you have been through the ringer. My liver problems were also acute liver failure thought to be due to autoimmune problems. I was also on the super urgent list, i believe you are only put on this list when you are talking days left possibly and liver has failed. It comes as a huge shock as you dont usually know your going to need a transplant. Look after yourself, especially with the baby coming. Feel free to contact me with any questions



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