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Prone to infections, could this be because of liver infection?

For the past 5 months I've been to and from the doctors for liver abnormalities. I've been for many other things as well. In August I had an incredibly painful ear infection, I then went jaundice and in September was told about my liver. October I had a equally painful kidney infection... Once that had gone and November came it happened again. December I had a tooth infection which swelled half of my face but the pain was bearable. A couple of minor tooth infections in January and now I've got possibly the most painful urine infection!

Despite saying to doctors that I seem to prone to infections as in on a monthly basis they've just shrugged it off with no explanation or further investigation. Is it normal for liver patience to be so prone to this? It's becoming a pain with work and taking so much time off isn't good on the old bank balance either as well as,of course, the infuriation of feeling ill or in pain all the time!

Thank you for reading!

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Sorry to hear about your persistent infections. Can I ask what your liver problem is.

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You can but I can't tell you lol. They've been under suspicion it was due to anti biotics but 5 months later they'd have expected it to be back to normal now. Had a biopsy 3 weeks ago and waiting to see what that says! Fustrating loll


I cannot answer your question exactly but if you think your repeated infections are due to liver problems then I would suggest that you ask to be given blood tests to check if your fears are founded. If confirmed, then demand to be referred to a liver specialist. Many gps are lacking experience in liver problems.


Sounds like it may be a problem with your immune system rather than just your liver. Have you had a Full Blood Count blood test recently and if so were all parts of it normal?


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